Blogger Outreach campaign: 4 Tactics that pay big time.

Blogger outreach campaign strategy

So you’ve created this awesome post which you think everyone should read, or perhaps you are sitting with this awesome product you just created and you wish someone will help you to reach your target audience.

You have done all you know, Blog posting, Social media posting.

In fact, you have Instagrammed until the pictures are coming out of your ears but your followers keep dwindling.

Does this look like you?

Not to worry I have a solution, you need something called Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is connecting with people who are in your industry who have the reach you require in other to get your Blog or Brand noticed.

They are typically like the Fairy Godmother that will sprinkle their fairy dust on your blog or brand and poof!!!

The magic happens and you suddenly begin to trend. Hahaha, been watching a lot of Kid movies.

But seriously if you desire to get your Blog or Brand out there to attract your target audience, then you have to nail down a solid Blogger outreach strategy.

To nail down a solid Blogger outreach strategy, here is what you need to do

Discover the Bloggers you need

You need to decide what type of Bloggers you need for your brand.

For example, It makes no sense to reach out to a blogger that blogs about general eating habits if you write about trying to lose weight specifically through a method such as Keto, in other words, be specific.

So how do you find such Bloggers?

Firs,t make a  list using these tools

Alltop: This is a content curator, it aggregates the best content out there according to the keywords that you type in.

Buzzsumo: This is a content curator that will help you to discover the top influencers in your niche via their social authority.

Google search: You can also use Google to get the top bloggers in your niche because its algorithm places the best content on the first page.

Once you are done listing the key players in your niche it’s time for you to reach out to them.

This tactic requires a different approach, depending on what you are looking for.

Build a relationship with them:

Bloggers and influencers are people who want to deal with you based on a relationship level.

This means that they are more likely to listen to you if you already have a relationship with them.

You start by sending them an email telling them how their blog has helped you.

If you are brand with a unique product, you may want to point out how your product fits in with their niche and explain the common grounds you both have.

Contribute to their wellbeing:

This can be done by mentioning them in your posts, linking back to them or even offering to help out with a project they are doing, also commenting on their blog post and sharing it with your own audience.

Ask for a favor.

The next thing to do will be to ask for a favor.

While asking, be sure there is something to offer them.

For example, as a brand, you can ask them to collaborate with you on a project that will benefit you both.

As a blogger, you can point out how your post enhances or covers an area which was overlooked.

You can also beg for backlinks to your site while you exchange your services like perhaps providing a digital marketing experience they may need for free.


Deciding to start a Blogger outreach campaign strategy may look like a long way to build your brand but it’s a long way that definitely pays fantastically if you know how to go about it.

Neil Patel mentions that Blogger outreach alone helped him gain about 100,000 visitors to his blog.

8 Incredibly Creative ways to make money


Creative ways to make money

The idea of making money from home has changed drastically in the last few years.

Every day people are exploring creative ways to make money either from the home or as a side hustle to accompany what they are already making from their day jobs.

If you are working class personnel or even a stay at home mom who desires to start a small business, this post is for you.

In this post, I will share with you small business ideas that will make you money.

I have written various pieces on how you can make money from your home, but today I focus on how you can discover those creative ways to make money that is unique to you.

Before we delve into the different creative ways to make money, let me start by saying that what is easily attainable by me may not be so for you because we are all different people and hence have different interests.

First, List Your Creative Abilities (Find a Niche)

So the first thing you need to do is to list out your skills, interests, and abilities.

As you go through this exercise, you should be able to discover some of your skills and abilities which you have never thought about making money from.

For instance, someone once told me she knows a woman who makes money from producing key talking points,

Which acts as a conversation starters for people who are nervous about meeting with other people but need to socialize.

So this part of discovering creative ways of making money involves first taking inventory of what you have available to you that you can convert into a money-making venture.

The next step is finding out how to monetize that skill or ability or asset.

If you want to get an in-depth perspective into this particular aspect, I wrote an ebook on how to shine.

It’s a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to get an action plan that will enable him or her shine in their world.

Of course, shining is about exploring your talents and abilities and using it to bless humanity while also making a living about it.

You get it as a free gift if you buy anything from my online store.

If you want a copy of that workbook, then go here to get it.

If you are sure this first step is complete then here are 8 creative ways you can make money


Writing is a skill that anyone who passed through any form of tutoring should have, however not everyone will be a wordsmith.

Some people just have a knack for telling stories, therefore, making money from their writing skill is a no-brainer for them.

If you love writing but do not like the creative aspect of writing, I will show you one of the creative ways you can make money from your writing skill.

One such way is delving into technical writing.

Technical writing has to do with writing specifically about an industry that you are conversant with.

What this means is that you understand the Technical lingo for that industry and can put together a write up in that industry without breaking a sweat.

Examples of Technical writing Gigs

-Procedures and Manuals

-Listicles about your industry trends

-Write academic papers e.g White papers, ebooks and journals

-Create workflows and charts for your industry

-Write reviews about tools usage and compare functionalities to guide new users.

All these various write-ups have nothing to do with telling stories but with using your already familiar skills to earn money by the side while you work.

Examples of places where you can find opportunities for freelance writing that has to do with Technical writing are Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. For more on this, read this article

2-Online Coaching-One of the creative ways to make Money:

Do you have an expertise in an area, this means, this is an area you have traveled through before therefore you understand the terrain very well.

Coaching may be a way to pass on such skills and assets to someone who is just starting out in that industry so as to enable that person to make better progress than you made when you started out.

Starting an online coaching business may seem daunting but if you are consistent on it, you will win.

The best bet will be to start with platforms which already have communities that are seeking coaching from people.

You don’t have to go look for customers but do your best to serve the ones that come to you.

The good thing about coaching is that it’s not only business starters that need it.

People who are starting out in their careers or perhaps even struggling with a certain aspect of their life need coaching.

Examples of coaching Niches you can explore as one of the creative ways to make money include

-Dieting or Weightloss

-Small business startup

-Career management

-Personal Finance or investing.

-Blogging or online business

-Addiction abandonment

– Life Coach

-Leadership Coach

-Mindset Coach

You can sign up as an independent coach on online platforms where you can find coaching clients.

Example of such platforms is Lifecoachhub.

3-Organization Ability.

Are you someone who is a stickler for organizing things, you hate to see anything out of place anywhere around you.

This is one of the creative ways to make money.

creative ways you can make money from your ability to organize Things

-Sell organization binders on platforms like Etsy

-Create a course to teach people how to organize their homes and offices and lives

-Create charts that help offices direct workflow and remove bottlenecks that hinder work progress.

-Run productivity and efficiency seminars for organizations.

In the world of today where people have a lot of stuff to deal with, not being able to track and organize their lives can be a bit of a problem.

When people are organized they are able to be more efficient In producing results.

Sarah of is a pro when it comes to creating organization binders for homes.

You can look up her website and see how that has enabled her to make a great amount of money from her online shop.

4-Sell your creative Skills: 

Creativity has suddenly taken a front burner in the make money industry now. People who have design skills are able to make lots of money just by selling their skills.

The explosion of online business has made graphic design a sort after skill.

If you have creative abilities even if it’s not in graphic designs, you can find creative ways to make money from that skill.

For example, you may not want to sell t-shirts or mugs, but you can sell your designs to platforms like Zazzle or Shirtcity or even to individual designers who will pay you a commission once they make a sale

So even if you don’t like to use a computer for your designs, you can sell your handpainted or hand-drawn designs to Etsy sellers.

They will sell your painting for you and pay you a commission.

5-Be a startup pack Creator:

Have you started various businesses or perhaps you have a knack for researching business ideas, consider becoming a start-up pack creator.

Startup packs are supposed to help the owner do the pre-work needed before a business or an adventure takes off.

Being able to prepare one ahead of time will make it easy to avoid undue delays and mistakes that newbies tend to make at the beginning of a business.

Creating different startup packs for different business ideas will be a good money maker for someone who does not want to go into full-time business.

Its like business coaching in a book format.

6-Create Teaching Aids: One of the creative ways to make money for a teacher.

Are you a teacher or perhaps you love teaching but you are not necessarily in the teaching profession.

Creating teaching aids could be one of the creative ways you can make money from home.

Consider the fact that for every time schools need to reopen for each academic session.

Teachers need to revamp their teaching aids from lesson plans to illustration graphics to even cue memory cards which are used for teaching kids.

Therefore, making such products would help you to make a good tidy income.

To help you widen your horizon read this story on how  Ana Digilio a Grade 2 teacher started a company that creates different types of teaching aids for other teachers.

That company is a million dollar company today.

7-Sell Used Goods Online:

Go through your home and find items that you are no longer in need of and sell them.

You can also go to neighborhoods and pick up used items that are to be thrown away as trash, then refurbish them and sell it online in places like eBay, craigslist.

To learn more about selling used goods online, read my post on how to make money reselling used goods.

8-Monetize your Cooking Skills:

If you are a stay at home, chances are that you already do much of your own cooking.

Therefore you can monetize this skill in a creative way by selling your recipes online.

or even designing cooking schedules and meal prep schedules for busy working moms.

Your meal prep and meal plans can be used to make money if you understand how to reach your target market.

If you are lucky to get people who desire to stick to a particular pattern of eating you can draw up meal plans for them.

You may even help them to shop for the quantities that will help them to meet the required meal type they want.

Finally, you can also sell your own baked goods at fairs or at county malls.

Do you want to learn more in-depth ways you can make money from your home?

Sign up for your VIP email list and get access to our Free course?


Want to teach your kids about money? here is what to do.


Money is an important part of our daily lives, it is imperative therefore that you start early to teach your kids about money.

Teach your kids about money

Kids have a penchant for asking you to buy things that are not necessary, anyone here who loves to do that? raise your hand if you do, because I don’t.

Making money and money management is something we ought to start teaching our kids early in life, especially if you are a business owner.

Great businesses are only sustained when there is someone to pass it on to. Your small home business may turn out to be something that your child will take on and expand to a big-time business later on

So it pays to begin to prepare them early enough.

While I will not subscribe to forcing a child to follow a particular career path,

I understand that it is my responsibility as a parent to expose my child to different ways of making money.

So that they can begin to form attitudes on how income is made, spent and multiplied.

One of the most confusing questions about this topic is usually when to start?

Here is my simple answer: start as soon as they can communicate with you.

I started teaching my son about money when he turned 4.

I started by telling him that every money that is spent is earned, therefore if he wants something he has to think of what to do in other to earn the money that he needs.

It was within this concept that he came to understand how money is earned.

Yours may take longer depending on the circumstances,

The most important thing is that you are taking the initiative to start helping them understand how money is made

Thereby helping them to imbibe money habits early in life.

In this post, I outline 5 simple ways you can teach your kids about money


To Teach Your Kids About Money, Here Are 5 Simple Things To Do

1 Involve them in money related activities in the Home.

Whenever we want to buy Gas for the car, I always ask my son to get the receipt from the pump owner and in that process, we discuss how much money has been spent on Gas. Simple activities like this teach kids how money is spent in the home.

2 Create opportunities that show how money is Earned

Sometimes I may be working on my computer and my kids want to play.

I make them understand that mom has to work in other to earn the money we use in the house.

That way they are able to respect the time I put into making a living for us.

Of course, there will be times they will say they want to work too, that is what led me to the next point.

3 Create chore charts and award Tokens.

This past summer, I created a chore chart with tokens attached,

Each chore had tokens attached to it and my kids were responsible for writing down the tokens which they earned for the chores they did.

Exchange the tokens for cash for later use.

This activity makes them feel like they are earning their own money,

Call it mini jobs and you will not be far from it.

4 Teach them the principles of creating Wealth.

Making money is simple, you do stuff and you get paid, then you spend it, but what about creating sustainable wealth?

I thought hard before I started out on this one. I used a story of chicken and eggs to teach them how to multiply their money.

It’s a simple story of how you buy a chicken with some amount of money,

Feed it for some time until it lays eggs, the eggs hatch and you have more chickens to sell.

Stories like this give kids an idea of how to multiply their money to yield more.

I believe that we will move on to practice this concept with time.

5 Use the Proverbial Piggy Bank :

Get them a piggy bank and let each kid be responsible for saving some amount of money each day.

Whether it is earned via the chore charts or received as a gift.

At the end of some time perhaps a year or so, you can open the piggy bank and count out how much the child has saved.

Then open a savings account from it.

This will help your child understand how money works and also appreciate the principle of saving for later.

6 Use Board games to teach your kids about money Investment.

Board games even though they are simulation often helps one to appreciate how money is made and invested.

Taking advantage of games such as Richdad’s Cashflow for Kids will help you teach your child how to invest their money.

Other games that help teach kids about money includes: Act your wage, Thrive time for teens, Buy It right, Exact change,  Allowance game, The stock exchange game, Payday, and  Moneybags.

To teach your Kids about money, there are different ways you can use, whatever method you use, ensure the message is passed across.

Do you want to get my top 7 list of online resources for teaching kids about money? click here

E-commerce Personlization: How to use it to convert your shop visitors


E commerce personalization

Today I introduce a topic which every home business and online business person should know about.

It’s an interesting topic about e-commerce personalization.

This piece is a guest post from my friend Ana Bera, a Marketing specialist from subsciptionly.

She brings a fresh perspective on how best to position your online store in other to covert your store visitors to buyers.

E-commerce Personalization: What Is It And How It’s Important

You might have heard about e-commerce personalization but might not be sure about what it is exactly and how it impacts your business.

In simplest terms, e-commerce personalization means offering relevant products, offers, and recommendations to consumers.

That is, you put those things in front of them which they are likely to be interested in.

Here’s an example to help you understand this better.

Let’s say you own an online fashion store with over 1,000 products and 50 product categories.

Your homepage is designed so that it can display 10 products and 5 product categories at a time.

Now, let’s suppose a first-time consume types the URL of your online store. You can either choose to take her to:

-the default homepage which has randomly picked products and product categories;

-a personalized homepage with those products and product categories that are likely to be most relevant for this customer.

The latter is an instance of e-commerce personalization.

At this point, you may be wondering, “But why exactly do I need to show relevant products to customers, particularly when the search function of my site works just fine and web pages load at the speed of light? A consumer can find what she wants in a jiffy.”

This line of thinking is self-defeating on two counts.

Customers Prefer Personalized Experience

First, consumers want a personalized experience.

Many customers decide to cancel their subscription because the subscription box company failed to modify their service according to their respective customers’ requests.

As a business owner, you must give consumers what they like ‘cause if you don’t, they will happily take their business to those who do.

Poor e-commerce personalization is the reason why 41% of consumers switch companies.

Additional Sales

Secondly, by personalizing your consumers’ experience, you can entice them to buy something that is not on their mind when they come to your online store.

Continuing with the above example, let’s say right now you are running promotional offers on four different products: footwear, baby clothes, jackets, and hats.

A consumer interested in buying a pair of jeans visits your e-shop. Of course, you don’t and can’t know in advance what this consumer wants.

But let’s say you’ve data that shows this very consumer came to your site two times in the last seven days and searched for deals on women’s shoes both times.

You can leverage this information by putting the promotional offer on women’s footwear in front of her when your site’s homepage loads on her browser.

There’s a good chance that she might like your offer and purchase two products, a pair of jeans and shoes.

On the other hand, if you show her some other offer first, she might not even see the footwear offer and leave your store with just one purchase.

How To Implement  e-commerce Personalization

You may say, “Ok, all this is good, but what do I need to do to offer a personalized experience to every customer?”

Invest in a good e-commerce personalization software program.

To customize a user’s experience, you need to collect humongous amounts of data and make sense out of it.

This is not something you can do yourself.

There are a number of tools that do this amazingly well. You should pick one that meets your needs and budget.

It would be a smart strategy to allocate a sizeable portion of your marketing budget to e-commerce personalization because if you crack this nut, you stand to gain big time.

As per reports, e-stores that handle personalization well will see a 15% increment in their profits by 2020.

However, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and focus solely on personalization.

There are many other factors that significantly impact the customer experience.

So make sure you work on them too.

One such key determiner is delivering the omnichannel experience.

In a survey conducted by HBR involving 46,000 shoppers, 73% of respondents said they used multiple channels for shopping.

Moreover, companies using four or more digital channels will outgrow those offering one or two channels by 300%.

Having great insights into trends which will shape the future of e-commerce is always desirable

So browse the web for more information and keep up with the world!

Want to start an e-commerce shop? click here to get a Shopify account



5’3 ray of sunshine and chocolate addict.

As the Head of Marketing and Content at Subscriptionly she uses every opportunity she gets to learn from others and then share the knowledge and generate fun and informative content.

She is a Toronto born world traveler, hungry for knowledge and ready to make a difference in the marketing world. 

Online travel agency- All you need to know to start one


onlibe travel agency

Starting an online travel agency is no mean feat, I have had my fair share of travel mishaps.

I wished that I used a travel agency to properly arrange my travel itinerary

I once traveled with my hubby and little kids, unfortunately for us, we were delayed a bit at the immigration point.

Because of that, we could not contact the cab driver who usually picked us upon arrival.

This meant we had to pick up anyone that was available.

Our mistake, because between handling 2 tired and cranky kids and offloading our travel bags when we arrived at the Hotel.

My hubby forgot his 3 cell phones in the cab, the cab driver had left before we realized it was missing.

Unfortunately for us, it was never returned.

We called the airport hoping he took it there, but since we could not give the name of the cab driver, he could not be identified.

That was how we lost those cell phones, It amazed us that those phones were never returned.

The moral of this story, had we used the services of an online travel agency,

We will probably have recovered those phones because it could have been traced to the person who picked and dropped us off.

Having said this, online travel agency is a profitable business venture which anyone who is willing to start an online home based travel agency business can engage in.

In this post, I lay it out to you step by step how to start an online travel agency.

1  Decide the Niche you will be serving

2  Search out the Host agency to use

3 Set up your online travel agency  Business

4 Market your Business


Steps to Starting An Online Travel Agency Business

1 Decide What Niche You Will Play in:

Deciding on a Niche to play in your business is a major question which everyone who wants to start any business online must answer.

In the world of online business, especially with starting a new online travel agency.

The only way you can make an impact and succeed is by deciding to play in a specific niche.

The jack of all trades master of none syndrome will not play here because

even Google, who you will need to advertise your business will not pick your website to display it when people search for travel agencies.

You may decide as you grow to increase your areas of expertise

But in starting out you cannot afford to be everything to everyone, you are not ice cream hahaha,

So choosing a  niche to play in is a major hoop you have to jump.

This one single decision will determine how you will attract your customers online and how you will market to them.

In  making your Niche Decision you need to answer these questions

a  Are you passionate about this niche :

Passion is a key decider of what you are going to do online because an online business requires that you be willing to work on it until you succeed.

Are you passionate enough about your niche to create products that will wow your customers?

For example, in marketing any product online, you have to write about it, that is blogging.

In some cases, you have to talk about this niche in the form of podcasting.

Now if you are not passionate about your product niche you may find yourself struggling to build this business.

even though you were excited about it a moment ago.

So before you set on starting your online travel agency, you have to answer that question, what niche will I serve and am I passionate about this niche.

b  Do you have the skills to serve this market:

In starting an online travel agency, do I have the skills to serve my market?

If you have worked with an established travel agency before you may be able to quickly answer this question because its something that you have been trained to do.

However, if all you have is just a desire to serve this market,

Then its time to take a course that will help you to acquire the skills you need in other to start an online travel agency.

You may also want to take some certifications in other to gain more credibility.

This is because people will always trust someone who was certified to do something, than someone who is just doing it without any formal training.

To become a certified travel agent you can look here for some courses to help you.

I will highlight some of the necessary certifications in the later part of this post.

Please note that these certifications do not necessarily mean you can not start an online travel agency without them.

It’s just that you will need them for credibility.

In the latter part of this post, I show you a shortcut to having the benefit of these certifications without you paying to acquire them.

Please understand that there is a difference between, certifications and training for your job.

Training for the business you want to start is just to help you to acquire the skills needed for you to set up and start your business.

While certifications are industry requirements which give you credibility.

c  Do you understand how this  market behaves :

In acquiring the skill you need, you may also want to check your industry statistics to understand what are the uptimes and downtimes for your industry.

For example, it’s not hidden that a lot of people travel during summer in the western part of the world.

That’s because the weather is good and people love to be out and about

But what you may not understand is the reverse is the case for people who live in the tropics who want to experience the cold winters in the west.

So understanding how your industry operates is a major issue in setting up your online travel agency.

Examples of Niches available in this market

-Cruise travels

-Luxury Travels

-Group Tours

-Destination specialist travels


-Adventure travel

-Women only vacations

-Men only vacation

-Grand travels

-Disabled travelers

-Travelers with pets

d  Do you have a travel agent business plan:

In starting your online travel agency, you will have to figure out how to make money in this business.

Afterall you are in business to make money right?

What will your income streams be?

An example of the income streams in travel agencies include:

-Book travel tickets for a commission

-Sell travel guides

-Book tours for Groups

-Sell travel insurance

-Offer consulting services to people who want to set up a travel department

-Sell online courses for people who want to start this business

To learn how to write your travel agency business plan read this.

Online travel agency

2: Search Out A Host Agency To Use:

Remember the shortcut I talked about earlier, yes, this is it.

Using a Host agency as a base for setting up your online travel agency is the shortcut you will need to bypass having to get some certifications required by the industry.

So what is a Host Agency to an online travel agency

A host agency is like that big corporation that is  into  a travel agency business,

You sign up with them and you present your business to other people with their qualifications.

This means that the certifications they have are available to you because you have their permission to sell for them.

Think of your host agency as the big guy that has subcontracted its part of finding customers for it to you.

You get to use their Booking number and other certifications that are required for you to be accepted as a travel agent.

Pros of using a Host travel agency

-You bypass a lot of legal requirements which may require that you have your own accreditation before you start a business.

-Some of these requirements may be licenses and certifications

-Low start-up cost, because you do not have to worry about paying for accreditation before you have made money

-Opportunity to work with a known brand which already has credibility built up hence you cut down your time to market.

-Free training from them because they want you to succeed.

-You get to build up a portfolio of networks and suppliers and customers through them.


-Your business is typically dependent on them if they go south you go south

-You may find that you cannot build your own personal brand because you are using their name and number.

-Pay is commission based which will only come in after the buyer has used the service.

I am sure by now, you are itching to know the best Host travel agencies are  available so you can begin to apply,

Not to worry here they are

Types of Host Travel Agency


-Travel Planners International

-Dugans travels

-Gifted travel network


-Cruise one/ Dream vacations

-Flight center independent

-Oasis travel network

To learn how to choose the best travel network, watch this video 

Now that you have settled in your heart the Host travel agency to use as a travel agent, its time to set up your business.

3: Set up your Online travel agency:

To set up your online travel agency you need to take note of some legal aspects, they include:

Business license:

This includes either to set up as a DBA or an LLC or perhaps even an enterprise or a corporation.

Whatever you decide to do, ensure you are well informed as to what the tax liabilities are.

For more information on this visit Small business administration

Set up your Business:

This includes deciding from the word go how you will want to operate your online travel agency.

If you want to become an independent travel agency that has its own licenses then you have to be ready to get the required certifications and licenses.

Here are some of them


Certified Travel agent- CTP

Travel and Tourism Professional- TTP

Total Travel certification-TTC

Professional travel agent- PTA

All these are not necessarily required before start off but they give you credibility.

Therefore, even though you may not have any as you start out, it is advisable you get one of them.

Apart from these certifications which help to boost your credibility, you are then required to have an accreditation number which helps suppliers to recognize you as an accredited travel professional.

It gives you the ability to book tickets, collect commissions and generally function as travel agency professional

Some of this Accreditation agencies are as follows as culled from Hostagency reviews

ARC- Airline reporting corporation: This is basically formed to operate for US-based travel agencies.

It acts as an accounting firm that handles financial transactions between airlines and travel agencies.

You do issue ticketing if you have the accreditation.

It may cost you up to 2000 dollars to get this accreditation and you will still get to pay 210 dollars annual fee.

To learn more go here.

 IATA: International airline transport association: This accreditation firm is quite big and offers a variety of accreditation options for their accreditation number.

Their accreditation number is recognized worldwide.

In fact, if you ask me, I will say this is probably the one I have always known until I started writing this article on online travel agency.

So here are the varieties

IATA- For international travel agency with air ticketing

IATA- International with no air ticketing

IATAN- US based travel agency with air ticketing

IATAN US based with non air ticketing.

To read more about how they operate go here

CLIA- Cruise line international Association: This accreditation is for travel agencies who sell cruise line bookings.

They are specifically for travel agencies with more than 50 agents.

This means that you gotta be big before you can apply for this one

If you are just starting out this may not be for you.

However, if you want to play in this niche then the best thing to do is to join a host agency and become a hosted travel agent.

This will give you the opportunity to use their own CLIA number since you may not have one.

TRUE: Travellers retailers universal enumeration

This accreditation is mainly for independent travel agencies who sell small tour packages, they cater to mostly niche operators and are internationally recognized.

They do not sell airline ticketing but basically tours and cruises.

People who have this code can also work with a host agency so it’s a double plus for them.

To learn more about acquiring TRUE go here.

Benefits of Having your own accreditation number

-Direct commission paid to you without splits

-Build volume and status and acquire your own customers who remain yours

-You build your own brand albeit slowly

-Choice of marketing and sales channels

-You choose what suppliers you want to work with

-Elevated credibility and status as a travel professional

Diffferent ways you can start your online travel agency firm

Independent travel agency: In this case you have your own bouquet of customers, you build your brand and get to pay for your own accreditation.

You also have to be responsible for training, marketing sales, and customers service.

In fact, it’s like running your own full-time business.

Hosted Agent: In this case, you work as a travel agent under the hosted agencies mentioned above.

The cost is minimal, except for registering your business, all you do is partner with them.

They provide you with the required training and resources to succeed, you get paid on a commission basis.

You have access to multiple accreditations without paying for it or maintaining it.

Corporate travel department: In this case you work as an independent corporate travel department official for a company.

Where you are responsible for booking flight tickets and making reservations for a companies personnel

You are like a staff member whose job it is to do such jobs, you will decide how much you are paid for your services.

If you have made up your mind on how to play in the industry, the next thing you need to do is to set up your website online.

To set up your website you will need to first  choose a hosting plan

A hosting plan here has nothing to do with a travel agency in this case.

It’s just a rent you pay your online landlord so that you can build your online business which in this case is a travel agency.

When choosing your hosting plan, you should consider these key points,

The speed of your of load of your site: How long does it take for your site to load when clicked on. The industry average is  3 seconds

Percentage uptime: What is the percentage time your site is up- 99.9% is great.

Cost: How much does your hosting plan cost

There is a variety of hosting plans out there, but the one that beats all of them hands-down is Bluehost.

That ’s why I recommend it.

Because you will get a low-cost package with a very great speed of load, a high percentage of uptimes and finally great customer service available to help you with the setup.

To get Bluehost plan, click  below

If you have never built a website before and you are afraid,

Not to worry, this 10 dollar resource will make your website set up, a walk in the park.

You just watch and do and your site is up within 2 hours.

To get the resource which is a Video which walks you through from the time you get your link from your hosting plan seller to when your site will be up

Go here to purchase it.

Wordpress Installation Guide
WordPress Installation Guide


4 Market your online travel agency:

If you have done a thorough job in following the steps outlined above

Then you will not find it difficult to get the customers you need in other to get your business rolling.

This is because as at now you should have determined who your customers are.

What niche you want to play in and assessed yourself to see if you have the requisite skills required.

We move on to the main gist of the matter, that is marketing your new online business.

Now that you have set up your website, the next thing is to market it to the right audience.

Before you get into marketing you have to determine what your target audience persona is

Set up your audience Persona

What is a Persona

A persona is like a fictitious person who has the characteristics you will desire in a customer.

For example, if you chose to cater to people who do special vacations like Honeymoons,

You will be looking to about to weds who may be considering going for a vacation for their honeymoon.

Some characteristics to look out for will be: their age group, market size, earning potential and also willingness to buy.

Finally, when are you likely to have a spike in the demand for such services.

Set up your social media channels

Create a brand from the onset: To learn how to build a brand for a small business go here

Blog about your service offerings

Start an email list: where you offer your readers  lead magnets so that they cam optin to your email list

Partner with parallel workers in your industry: For instance, if you do honeymoon vacations partner with wedding planners and ask them to recommend you to their customers for a commission.

Launch your business: let your family and friends know that you are into this business, ask them to recommend you to their friends for a fee, this may mean setting up affiliate commissions for your customers who refer you.

To start your Online travel agency get your hosting plan now

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