Goal setting worksheet

How to set goals for your home business.

As home business owner or an aspiring business owner one of things you can not miss out is learning how to set your business goals.

This is because without business goals which represent a definite mark that you are driving towards.

You will not have a defined objective for your business.

Goal setting


Why goal setting?

  Goal setting is a crucial part of running a home business . Because it sets the tone for what you expect to achieve for the year in your business. A business goal is like the focal point which directs all that you will do that year. 

Where there is no goal setting you will be busy chasing shadows without a concrete idea of what you intend to achieve.


Steps to goal setting

1-Write a List of Business goals you Want to Achieve.

When you want to do your goal setting, it’s important that you take the time to list the business goals that you want to achieve, it will make no sense for you to say that you are doing a goal-setting plan without writing it down. 

If you do not write it down, with time, you may forget what you were supposed to be chasing in the new year. 

For example, have you ever sat down to do some work online, because you did not have a specific thing in mind to achieve when you set out to work? 

You find yourself wandering all over the internet and Facebook and when the time is gone.

You ask yourself what you really achieved? 

Even if you feel that you have only one goal, write it down for clarity and visualization. 

The mind will always attract what it visualizes, that is the psychology behind vision board. 

Types of Business goals
  • Revenue goals
  • Email list goals
  • Number of page views
  • Launch a product.


2-Break down the goals into chunks:

 Now that you have written down your big goal for the year, its time to break it down into chunks so that its easier to manage. 

For example, if your big business goals for the year is to make x amount of dollars, then its time to break it down into the amount you hope to make in a quarter, in a month, in a week.  

That way it’s easy for you to visualize how much you need to be working on per time.  

3-Write Down Your Execution Plan.

home business planner, goal setting planner

A goal that has no plan of execution is at best a wish. 

If you want to earn a certain revenue per year, then you must be willing to put down the plan with which you will use to execute it. 

In goal setting, an execution plan is like the engine room that drives the business. 

It’s in your execution plan that you get to write down how you intend to achieve your goals. 

For example, if your goal is to hit 50,000 page views for the year. In your execution plan, you have to list out the traffic sources you are going to depend on to make those numbers a reality. 

It’s also your execution plan that will show how your goals will come to life. 

For example, what do you plan to do in other to get the needed traffic sources to deliver the numbers you need? 

For me, I find that using a home business planner to get my ideas out of my mind and putting them all out in a place where I can easily access it helps out. 

I designed the Home business Owner planner because I didn’t want to keep looking for my ideas all over the place. 

With its well-designed pages that enable me to plan out my goals, I have been able to get my ideas well neatly laid out. 

If want to see the Home business owner planner go here  

4-Attach Timelines to Your  Goals

 When you are done with the execution plan, the next step in your goal setting adventure is to attach timelines to your goals. 

This starts from the overall goal down to the minutest detail. 

For example, if you are a blogger, and you are a detail freak you can set the times that your posts must go out every time you need to post on your Blog or social media channels. 

Why is this important? Because when you have attached timelines to your goals, you have a list of what you have to achieve per day hence making it easy for you to tick off what you have achieved for the day. 

That is the very reason why goals are meant to be SMART 

S- specific




T-time based 

If any of your goals lack these qualities, then its time to take check it up 

5-Quantify Your Results 

What results do you want to achieve? For example, this goal will be termed achieved if the page views attain or exceed 50,000 per year. 

Your ability to quantify your goal setting objectives is what will give you an idea of when you have arrived at your destination. Y

ou can also tweak your strategy if you are not achieving what you set out to do.  

6-Use a Tool to put Together Your Business Goals

Goal setting worksheet

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Now that you are set to start your goal setting your adventure, you will like to use a tool. 

The easiest one to use is a printable goal setting worksheet. 

Printables have become a big part of our lives especially that its impossible to run a home business without it. 

This is what prompted me to create a course that will help you to understand how you can turn this simple idea of producing printables into a  passive income business. 

Newbie Printables course

Go here to take the course, the first module is free.  

So back to the tools I use, for me, I like to brainstorm on my planner first before I transfer it to a tool I use, that tool is called Trello. 

My planner helps me to plan out my ideas, put it together in a way that suits me before I make the final transfer to my online planning tool. 

It’s a fun tool to use which I am eager to share with my group. If you want to get access to how to use this tool please join my group on Facebook.

 Do you have any idea about goal setting that you would like to share with me? drop your comments below.

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Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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