How to start a Care package Business

Care package business

Care packages are carefully curated comfort items which are sent to people who are away from home. Such people may include soldiers, students, grandparents, or even sick people who are hospitalized.

So how do you turn this seemingly comfort related idea into a Care Package Business? Follow me as I unveil to you how to start this wonderful business

Care packages are often personal, meaning that they are specially handpicked for the comfort of the receiver, this means that whoever chooses to do this type of business must be someone who is detailed and has a good eye for beautiful and inexpensive stuff that will make the receiver feel special.

The idea of this business is to create a feeling of having people who are thinking of you sending something to you to let you know that you are being held in high esteem

I was a little girl who had just gone to the Boarding School when I got what I would call my first care package. You see it was my first time of moving out very far away from my home. I moved to another state to attend high school and it was a boarding house,  I remember how I was just in my class when I was sent for by my Principal. I wondered what I had done to warrant the Principal calling for me in his office.

I did not know my Dad had sent me a care package, so my attention was needed so I could access it.

I can still recall my Dads friends’ name who brought that care package. I remember how it made me feel that Term. I had an excess of stuff that I even took some home when I was going back.

This is to tell you that the feeling that is created by such a business is incomparable, especially if the person has been away from home for a while.

An example of a care package can be the carefully crafted bundled offers we have in our online coffee store for the coffee enthusiasts who loves to travel with his own coffee.


So to start a care package business: here is what you need to know


You have to decide what type of Niche you will like to serve, will it be College students, or Military personnel or even elderly people who live in care facilities away from their kids. Nailing down a Niche will help you plan better on how to market your business to the right people.


How do you intend to source for your inventory, will you carry inventory or will you have an arrangement with all the sellers of your gifts options so that you can easily place your order once your order has been taken. You also have to decide if you will like to make room for people to make choices from your inventory or perhaps give you their own list which they had like you to fulfill and package and send to their loved ones.

Because I will probably prefer that you run this care package business out of your home, I will advise that you give room for customization so that people can get the best of what they want. Remember that when they are satisfied with your services, they will tell others of their experience. Because there is no price that we can place on making someone feel good, especially for a loved one, people are often willing to pay a good amount to send such care packages to their loved ones that they have not seen in a while.


How do you structure your pricing, remember that in cases where you have to shop for a list, you are spending much more than you will when they pick your already available inventory. You know running a care package business is actually a service you are offering because you are taking off the stress of then running around to put together such priceless comfort items for their loved ones, so remember to price your goods appropriately to reflect your costs.


Picking and Packing: 

For the most part, you will have to pick and pack the gift items yourself, you have to be careful in ensuring that the personality of the receiver shines through in your packaging. Adding little notes that reflects that person’s needs and even what the family intends to communicate to the receiver is a very important part of this business so be sure you are meticulous about’s also important to get the appropriate packaging materials that will ensure that your goods are not damaged along the way.


Because all your items put together must get to the person at an appropriate time, you must be willing to take your time to choose a good shipping agency, you do not want delays or lost packages. It’s also important that you find out what your shipping costs so that you don’t end up doing business at a loss.

Coffee grinder and mug
Coffee grinder + Mug and Coffee maker.

Marketing your Business

There is a no business which does not require marketing if you want to get sales, for the care package business be willing to hit the ground running by approaching your potential clients in person. If you are going with the college Niche which is a really lucrative Niche, going to the schools and attending sessions where parents are there especially if they are freshmen students will go a long way to make your business visible.

Being creative in putting together bundled offers and packages on the go for people who do not want to spend time picking up their own stuff will also go a long way to ease your sales.

An example of a care package business is, read her interview here

In doing your market research to determine which Niche you want to serve, be willing to listen to the people in that niche to find out what kinds of packages will make a difference in their lives.

On a final note, I know care packages are originally designed to be physical goods, but you can also look at digital goods too. These can be curated and sent as care packages too.


34 Replies to “How to start a Care package Business”

  1. My husband was in the military so I have sent many care packages in my day. This is such an awesome post, loved reading it!

  2. What an interesting approach to care packages! As a military spouse, I have sent countless care packages to my husband when he has been deployed overseas. They are always curated from a mix of what I know he needs, things he wants, and things that we (his family) want him to have in order to keep us in his thoughts. I would be very interested in learning more about turning this into its own business, as I know there is great need and appreciation for this within my community!

  3. Wow. That care package sent to you must’ve made your day! I can see the benefits of these packages. I’ve heard of this before, didn’t know it can be used as a business. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes it is can be turned into a business. Not everyone will have the time to put together one, plus all the run around that is required to get it all packed and shipped.

  4. This is a good business idea. It gives you the chance to help people connect with their loved ones through care packages. I will let my sister know about this. She is thinking of starting a new business.

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