A Collection of Father’s day Gift items that will cost less than $100.


A collection of Fathers day gift ideas that cost less than a $100

Fathers day celebration is coming soon, well it’s actually on the 18th of June, and that’s my Hubby’s Birthday yip yip yip. While I know that Mothers day gets celebrated way more than fathers day, perhaps because of the significant sacrifices that moms make in other to raise their kids.I do love the fact that Fathers get celebrated too because when you look at it, Dad and Mum are like the two halves of a coin, one shouldn’t have to do without the other even though it doesn’t always happen that way.

We celebrate Fathers because they give the family direction and stability. children tend to always see their Dad as heroes. With a dad functioning in a home, the family is much more rounded and children can grow up to achieve their maximum potential. We were coming home from a Midweek service that we had attended when my son saw the shopping mall sign, he started asking for us to drive into the shopping mall, the following conversation ensued

Son: I want to go to the shopping Mall

Me : Why?

Son: Because I want to buy something

me : Do you have money to buy something?

Son; No, but Daddy has Money

Me: Why do you think daddy has money

Son; Because he is always buying plenty things.


We all burst out and started laughing, my husband loves shopping for us, so you can get where he got the idea that even though as a child he has no money, his dad has and we can use Dad’s money.

In his mind, his dad will never disappoint him. It is conversations like this that help you know how kids perceive the role of the Father in the Family.

No matter how hard a mom may try and I know they do try hard, there are certain discussions that will only happen with a Father. That’s why children need male figures in their lives to give them a sense of balance they need in life to go ahead and win.

We owe it to our kids as parents to make the family a place where our kids can find refuge when they are hurting, Parent’s that create a healthy atmosphere for their kids to grow in, help to nurture Children who are confident and contribute immensely to their communities.

A father’s day celebration, therefore, complete the cycle of celebrating parents who consistently work hard to make our Family lives wonderful. So if you are looking to celebrate that wonderful man in your life who has become a Father to your kids or your own Dad. Here is a Fathers day collection of Gift items for a 100 dollar or less.

The name of this collection is ‘Dad U Rock.’

I designed this collection with this inscription because it best explains the importance the male figures in my life has had in my life. My dad Bless his soul has passed on but I am still inspired by what he taught me during his Lifetime. He taught me hard work, tenacity,  independence self-content and charity. Valuable Life lessons that I still live by today.

My Dad though he was unschooled and barely had enough to eat while growing up,  started a business and grew that business to leave a legacy for his children. He will later attend Adult school at his old age, he was a dreamer and never failed to help those in need.

My Husband is a wonderful Dad to our kids, with him I have learned to be focused in the midst of so many distractions, he also taught me tenacity and to dream big dreams. I just met him when his business was just on a sheet of paper. He resigned a well-paying job to pursue a dream of starting a Telecoms service Business. He has succeeded in creating wealth through what he does Co -incidentally, this year’s fathers day is also My Hubby’s birthday. So you see why this Fathers day celebration means so much to me.

My designs, therefore, replicate my heartfelt thought towards my two loved ones, one is here and one has gone. I remember that they are part of the reason why I am who I am today.

So if you want to celebrate this male figures in your life, here are 4 beautifully designed  Fathers day gift items that will help you rock them as your heroes.

  • Dad U Rock Mug:
Dad U Rock Mug

This mug is a beautifully designed mug with the inscription of Dad U rock on both sides of the Mug. The Mug has different options;  the double-toned black and white option,  a frosted Mug option and a travel /commuter mug option for those who like to travel with their Mug. It comes in sizes of 11 oz and  15 oz. This Mug costs $17.95  You get 25% discount when you apply the code ZAZZLEGIFT50

  • Gym Bag



Dad U Rock Gym bag

This beautifully designed gym bag is a fitting  Fathers day gift item. it’s basically for the dads who like to break a good sweat at the gym. It’s easy to handle and can contain most of your Gym materials. It comes in different colors namely White, Blue, Red, Green and Purple.

This Bag costs $57.90  You get 15% discount with the code ZAZZLEGIFT50.

  • Key Ring




Do you have a dad who likes to keep his keys together, everyone loves to have those beautiful keychains that ensure you have your most important keys altogether. This Dad U rock key chain is exquisite and beautiful. It comes in different shapes: Square and Round. If you want the premium rounded feature or premium square it will cost you more but this featured basic button rounded keychain costs only  $3.70. You get a 15% off with code ZAZZLEGIFT50.

  • Bottle Opener

This beautifully designed bottle opener is classy and fitting for fathers who love to keep their openers handy. It’s made of stainless steel with a length and design that will help you pop those bottles with ease.

The Bottle opener costs    $13.70 You get a 15% discount when you apply the code ZAZZLEGIFT50

All these items can be obtained from my Eleoraconcepts store on Zazzle Platform.

So if you are a stay at home mom who would like to get a Fathers day gift items without breaking the bank, these items will suit you perfectly.Perhaps you did not like any of the items I mentioned above, Please browse around for fitting gifts from my store and see what suits you. if you would like any of these gift items customized for you, kindly hit me a mail or leave a message in my comments section on the store and I will get back to you.

Kindly leave a comment for me if you liked what you saw in my store.

Thanks and Have a Happy fathers day celebration.


What the Holy Spirit Got with Google Bots


What the Holy Spirit got with Google bots

Today I write about this topic with a lot of love because it’s a quote that came to my Spirit as I was about going to bed at night. I was already beginning to doze off while thinking about the SEO material I had just read on  Moz.com. I was thinking of how to optimize the content I have on my Blog so that it can begin to show up on searches. I have been reading an Ebook I bought from Lena Gott, where she was explaining how she grew her Traffic from 17,000 to 350,000 in 9 months. I was trying to learn how to increase the traffic on my blog.that book has taught me some tricks which I  have been implementing on my Blog. So while I thought about SEO Rankings and how the Google Bots crawl through the internet to find content for people who are searching for some information.

The Holy Spirit then began to teach me what I am about to share with you now. He told me that what the Holy Spirit does can be likened to what those Google Bots do, the Holy Spirit searches the deep things of God in other to reveal the mind of God concerning an issue. 1st Cor 2: 9-10 says that

Rather, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 10But God has revealed it to us by the Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. 

This teaches us that as Christians, the Holy Spirit is our ultimate Helper when it comes to discovering the will of God for our life, we don’t have to go through life alone trying things and wondering if we are getting it right or not. This is because God sent the Holy Spirit to help us discern his will.

How do we know that? because Jesus speaking of the Holy Spirit when he was on earth said, that when he comes he will teach us all things  John 14:26. He will take what is mine and make it known to you John 16:14. This means that we don’t have to go through life blind trying to figure what his will in our life is. We can talk to the Holy Spirit to help us determine the mind of God concerning any issue we are facing.

How do you know the will of God?

The will of God is often within the confines of his word. When we begin to talk to God in the language of the  Holy Spirit, that is Speaking in Tongues, the Holy Spirit searches the mind of God to reveal his will. Here is an example of an experience I had this week.

This week I was praying in the HolyGhost with my Hubby concerning an Issue, while we prayed, I found myself repeating a particular phrase in English. I will pray for a while repeating that same phrase, I continued praying in the HolyGhost, while I did that, The Holy Spirit reminded me of a scripture which I took note of. When I finished praying, we sat down to read that scripture with my hubby, I realized it was a direct answer to what we were praying about.

You know that sometimes you can be searching for something but not find the answer, either you didn’t enter the right keyword or Google couldn’t find what you wanted exactly, but not so with the Holy Spirit, he is perfect and will always return the right answer for your question.Sometimes we may miss what he is saying because we are not paying attention, but we know that he makes all these things known to us so that we may know the things that have been freely given to us.

This week has been a great week for me and as we round up this week, I want to share with you how through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit I started an online store.  This week , I wrote about how you can turn your graphic design skills into a Printables business. While I wrote that piece, I have never opened an online store before but because I was inspired to write that piece, I took the title of this piece and I made some designs about it and used it to open my New store in two places at the same time, Redbubble, and Zazzle. My Store name on Zazzle is Eleoraconcepts

The collection below is in the  Eleoraconcepts store on Zazzle.

Penguin Collection for Babies and Toddlers
A hoodie pullover for toddlers

I was able to create some designs and Pieces that I uploaded into the store.I created about 3 collections on the Zazzle Platform while I also posted the courageous collection on the Redbubble store. All this without having any serious design skills, just the basics  I use in designing for my Blog posts.

This is just to prove to you that you can start a business in as little as 2 hours if you so desire and you can get better with time but the most important thing is that you have started.

You can check out my designs in the store by clicking this Links: Eleoraconcepts, Redbubble

The collection Below is from the Redbubble Store

Here is a sample of the beautifully designed Lady ChIffon Blouse that I made using the title of my Blog Post.

What the Holy Spirit got with Google Bots


I also designed a MUG with the word be courageous like Deborah to encourage women to rise up to leadership and take charge knowing that they have God with them.

Be Courageous

It’s a fitting gift item for friends that you know are going through difficult times or  for those women who are shying way from taking up responsibility.

If you would like to support what I do, click on the Links on this post to purchase these items from my store.

Finally, I will say that your Life will take on a better meaning when you invite Jesus into your life and when you also take advantage of the Holy Ghost to help you by revealing to you the Things that God has already made available to you.

Do have a wonderful weekend and stay blessed