6 things a Stay at home mom struggles with

The struggles of a stay at home mom
6 things a stay at home mom struggles with

The word stay at home mom evokes a lot of different pictures in peoples mind, for some, it’s a word used to describe women who don’t like to work but prefer to sit at home and watch movies all day in the name of looking after their kids. I really wish it were so but I do know now it’s not so.

Stay at home mom is a woman who wears all the hats there is in the home plus some more without having the attendant payment to show for it.
When a woman chooses to be a stay at home mom, it’s often a huge sacrifice she has to make in other to see that her home is well run or in other to see that her kids have the kind of training and nurturing that she desires.

Some women have been known to leave lucrative careers to become stay at home moms because the effect of leaving their lovely ones in the hands of other people to care for became too much to bear and therefore they chose that off the career ramp option to care for the most important people in their lives.

For some people it may make sense for others, it may not because after all is said and done, it’s the investment you put in your family that matters most.

Children don’t care if they are in the most expensive house or car or wear the best clothes, as long as their parents were there for them when they needed them most.So today I am going to share with you the 6 things that stay at home mom struggles with because I have been there too and I know what it feels like


Feelings of Inadequacy:

If you are a first-time mom who just chose to stay at home, this may resonate well with you, that feeling of do I know what I just did? I mean I just left my well-paying job to stay home to take care of my baby. Sometimes you may even feel like even the mom job you are not doing so well at it. The truth may also be that at least for your paid job you were well trained but to become a mom, you had no prior training and yet you are expected to be perfect at it.

You feel inadequate because you are trying to cope with having to leave a career that once defined what you could bring to the table at home and then you also have to cope with the fact that your new job does not have any job description attached to it. There is no end to where your job stops, you are the nanny, caregiver, nurse, housecleaner,  and any other thing that comes in between including cook, driver, encourager and the list goes on.

While you struggle with coping with all these issues, guess where your report card is shown, at places where you get some judgmental looks or comments for not getting your act together as a mom. From those who think that by giving your child the bottle, you are just being lazy, “every hard working mom should be able to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months of a babies life”, does this sound like a familiar jab?, well for me I tried it but it didn’t work, in fact I got sick before it dawned on me that everyone has to find what works for one in this journey of mommyhood.My first son loved the bottle, my daughter liked breastfeeding a lot, in fact, she refused the bottle and went straight to eating solids.

So what do you do with all these struggles that you are facing?.I would like you to know, that the first time you start as a new stay at home mom, it will seem strange to you just like when you resume your post on a new job, but with time, you will find your rhythm.From then you can then begin to try out new things and see what works and what doesn’t work, you can then decide to throw out what doesn’t work for you and choose what you are comfortable with. And who says that as you go along you won’t acquire the experience which you can package and sell out to new moms like you for a fee. For how to do that please read my post on how to turn your life experience into a money printing online business

.Oasap Limited

Overworked and Underappreciated:

The interesting thing about being a stay at home mom is that you don’t have a specific work time, from the time your feet hit the floor in the morning time, assuming you had all night sleep which is often a mirage when your kids are between ages of 0-4 years.

Your work is almost like a round the clock work from fixing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to cleaning the home, running errands and shopping. You are practically at work even when others are having a break, no wonder you sometimes feel overwhelmed and overworked.

You may also feel underappreciated when you are not being praised for the work you do at home. Some husbands have been known to come home and say, “ honey what were you doing all day that my dinner is not yet ready”?.

No one understands the many times you have to calm a crying baby or break up siblings quarrels or even act as a judge and jury. It can make you feel like your energy is being sucked out daily, my little advice about this is to find that time to rest during the day, if it means putting the kids to nap in the afternoon and taking your own nap too to get your energy back please do so.
Of course, it may mean that some things won’t get done perhaps a scattered house or unfolded laundry, but like  I always say, a grumpy mama is no good to anyone. So always find the time to tune off during the day and just relax. It may not necessarily be sleep, sometimes I find that just sitting and watching cartoons with my little ones helps me to relax. You can also choose to quit trying to have everything in the perfect place in other to feel alright.

Now if you are a hubby reading this, know that appreciation goes a long way to make a stay at home mom’s day better. A night off duty will be nice, a back rub here and a foot massage there will make a world of difference.

The baby company only:

When you are a SAHM with a baby at home, the only company you will have is that of a kid, while that is lovely I mean who hates the company of her babies, but sometimes you want to have adult conversations. Where you to be working outside your home, you will often meet new people or at least converse with people like yourself but for a stay at home mom, it’s often baby talk all day long until hubby comes home. This might look good some days at least you have some time to think things through and strategize for any project you have on hand without any distractions. Unfortunately, this may not be the case always because the same distractions can come from children too.

So what does a stay at home do in this case, I say in any case be involved in online forums where you can discuss issues that bother you or vent on what you are going through. When time permits, pick up the phone and call a close friend or family member with whom you can spend time discussing with or exchanging ideas with, this will make you feel a lot better. If you are working from home as a blogger or doing any form of online business, belonging to an online group of people of the same challenges as you can help you gain a better perspective of issues you may be dealing with at that particular time.,


This aspect of the struggles of a stay at home mom is very controversial, for some, it’s the constant struggle to stretch the money available to cover all the household bills, for some it may be that you didn’t even have enough to last you throughout the month. For some, It may be that you just have just enough but not excess to take care of some niceties that you are used to when you were working outside the home. While for some people finances may not be the problem but just the feeling that you are not earning anything at all and so you are a one income household.

Whichever divide you fall into know that there is a way out of it, working has been redefined so much right now that you can earn your income even while staying at home, if finance is a major issue for you, then consider ways of working from home to earn extra income.

Here are a few options to earn extra income from home. You can start a home business, offer your services as a freelancer from your home by signing up on platforms such as Fiverr, upwork or you can choose to work for other people from home which may entail applying for online jobs that you can do. Which ever way, you choose to do it, there is a way out you don’t have to feel like your finances took a nose dive and you can’t change it.
Sometimes you may discover that starting that home business was what you really needed to take your family off the 9- 5 rat race. If starting a home business is your thing, then consider reading my post on how to choose the right home business for you.

Feeling Left Out:

Have you ever gone for an outing where you bumped into an old school colleague or work mate and you started discussing especially pertaining to your field of study or work and you felt left out because a lot has changed without you being aware? This happens particularly when you are a new mom, for the first one year and especially the first 6 months its like you are underwater, your life is practically buried within fulfilling your babies needs, first-time moms can resonate with this better. If you carry on discussing you may feel like you don’t seem to know the trends that are even going on now, thanks to your new job, stay at home mom Lol, but seriously those feelings of being left out if left unchecked can begin to make you resent your decision.

But before you go feeling sorry for yourself or getting angry, understand that you need to remind yourself the reasons why you made your choice in the first place, and make peace with the fact that you may not know a lot of things that are currently going on in your former field of work due to your new position but you can begin to make amends by building and connecting with people who are on the same journey as you are and understand the challenges.

Keeping up with colleagues from your former field of influence may not be useful to you if you are not planning to continue in that line of career. Realize that you have changed career and focus on what you must do in the now to get you quickly ramped up on the new journey you are on.

It may mean taking courses to get you ready if you want to start a home business or even starting out without training at all that way you learn the hard knocks your own way.

Either way, you are gathering knowledge that will aid your journey as a stay at home mom who wants to work from home. If you have been brainstorming on ideas about different types of home businesses you may need to read my post on 5 posts that teach you how to make money online.

The truth is that being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize your skills in other ways to earn money. With the advent of blogging these days, all forms of knowledge are now monetizable.
For example, who knew that you could sell your knowledge on how to organize your home, take care of a new born, keep yourself fit e.tc. In fact, information that used to just sit with you doing nothing has become sources of income.The online media has made it possible to be able to share such information’s now and make good money from it.

Do you consider Blogging as one of the avenues to sell your knowledge online, then hop on over to my post on how to start a blog when you are not a techie and learn how to start a blog in as little as 2 hours.

Need for time out

As a stay at home mom, there are times you just feel like you really want a leave, I mean people who work 9-5 have that opportunity of taking a leave to just go home and relax and recharge before going back to work. But for the stay at home mom, she doesn’t get to get that time off.

There are no leave days, where are you leaving to? , your home is supposed to be your leave escape but now you get to stay in it every day and it doesn’t look like it will make for a leave escape anymore. The good thing about this situation is that you don’t have to apply for your leave in other to take one.  or technically you can apply to your hubby to take a leave from work and stay home so you could take the much-needed leave in other to refresh and recharge.

You can choose to go out that day with friends and just have a girls day out or better still visit a close family member whom you can relax in her house and feel like you are in your own home and on holiday without the attendant stress of having to care for your home.

Maybe you can go for a mini holiday to a nearby tourist attraction and just spend time alone, pampering and recharging yourself. Of course, there will be a time and place for family vacation but this little time out is for you alone, so you can be a better mother to your kids and give your best to them. Thinking of taking that mini vacation then try using Booking.com, they have excellent services for your vacation needs they have budget hotel rooms if that suits you.

Do you know of any struggles that a stay at home mom has to deal with, leave a comment below, it will be appreciated.

How to start a wordpress Blog when you are not Techie

How to start a WordPress Blog even if you are Newbie.

Blogging is a way to express your Niche business in a written format.In this post, I am going to teach you how to start a WordPress Blog even if you are not a techie person

To blog means to write about what you are passionate about, you get to meet people who are like you and are passionate about your niche and you are able to solve the problems they have then you get paid for doing it.That’s the summary of how a Blog helps you make money.

There are several other things involved in monetizing your Blog, one of them is Affiliate marketing, this is basically marketing products you have used or trust to other people, and when they buy due to your recommendation, you get a commission from the sales. If you want a checklist of affiliates that will accept a newbie blogger, get it here.

We are not going to dive into how to make money from your Blog as that is not the purpose of this post, now on to my post about starting a blog.

How to Start a  WordPress Blog 

Step 1: Discover your Niche

The first thing you have to do before you start a Blog is to discover your niche market.  A niche market is a well-defined target market serving people with specific needs.  it is usually the subset of a general market. the good thing about a Niche market is that it has its own group of people passionate about the same interest. For example, Paleo Food and Recipes is a niche because there are people who are passionate about  Paleo food and are consistently experimenting and creating different kinds of recipes in that niche. For more explanation on how to find your niche please get my Free Ebook, I did a good job explaining how you can determine what your niche is about.

So if you have found your niche, and you want to Blog about it, then you need to start a Blog right.

The only thing is ahhhhh, you are not a Techie and you don’t want to get into a deepwater that you can’t swim in.  Now Take a verrry deep breath and continue reading because I am about to break down starting a Blog into the bits and pieces that you can easily implement without much stress. It is not so difficult as some people make it seem. I will show you the easy ways to start one that will work for you. I am have always been someone who will say take one step at a time. Like a famous saying, how do you eat an Elephant: Start in bits and pieces.

Step 2: Choose a Domain name: 

A domain name is your online business name, its like when you start a business and you want to name it, you pick a name and you go and register it as your own, right, well, in this case, when you choose the name you want your blog to bear, you have to check if it’s available before you secure that domain name by paying for it. So to check if your domain name is available please click here.

Now if your domain name is available, to be available means that of all the billions of people on this earth no one has secured that name, so if it’s available, you can then go ahead and to pay for the name to be secured. When you pay for a domain name, it’s your exclusive right for 1 year. No one else can use that name. It’s like staking your claim in a Goldmine, hahaha, just that this gold mine is online Business.

A domain name will usually cost you just about 10 dollars/year to secure. In choosing your name please make sure that it’s a name that relates to your niche market. Another tip, please choose a .com name. This is because sometimes you may like a name but its .com equivalent is not available so you may decide to use .net or .org, but it’s not wise because it’s the .com names that easily come up searches. Think about the auto suggestions you see on Google when you are searching for stuff, it’s usually your search plus a .com name that comes up. Seo is hard enough don’t make it harder for your site to come up.

If you want access to the Fast Track Module, a Hand holding series that fast tracks your Blog start up, Click Here

Step3: Get a Hosting Company:

So what’s a hosting company, a hosting company is like your landlord that you pay rent to provide you with an apartment where you get to live in. If you ever lived in an apartment before, this should make sense to you.

You pay your rent and you are a offered a bundled service for the apartment. When there are issues like leakages or a broken plumbing, you just inform them and they send their technicians to fix it. The hosting company apart from hosting your website, also helps you fix things when things go wrong.

Now when you are starting a WordPress blog, and you don’t have much cash at hand, its good to go with a hosting company that will offer you free hosting for a month. That’s what my hosting company did. Not only did they offer a one-month free hosting, you can pay on a monthly basis instead of paying on annual basis, that basically worked for me because I did not have much upfront cash to start with. To sign up with my hosting company click here.

Step 4: Domain name Credentials:

When you have signed up with your hosting company, you will get an email confirming you are now being hosted by them. After that, you now get your domain credentials, which is basically an email detailing your login and admin details. Please ensure you keep a copy of this email safe, you will always need it in your blogging journey.

If you have followed all these steps, congratulations you have secured your domain name and hosting, now on to building your WordPress Blog.

 Step 5: Cpanel Login Details

The first thing you should do is to look at the login credentials sent to you, you will see your Cpanel login in details namely: a username, a password, and a URL, click on that URL to get into your Cpanel login page.

If you got it right you should get a login in page looking like this picture.

Type in the Username and password provided by your hosting company. Once you get into the Cpanel, it should come up looking like this. of course I am assuming that you are using my hosting company Jvzoo. Even if you are not, the steps shouldn’t be too different.

Scroll down the CPanelpage till you see the last rectangular block and you will see the various options given to you, click on the WordPress icon to take you to the Login page for your WordPress site.

Once you click on the icon shown above, it will take you straight to the login page of your WordPress site, once at the login page, input the email address or username and the password you used to sign up to the hosting company, after that, you should be able to start the installation.

If you are able to correctly install it, its really a no brainer and straight forward, your dashboard should come out looking like the picture below.


For a more concise step by step installation tutorial all in one video where you can watch and implement Click the link below.  This video is all you need to get your WordPress up and running. It will take you by the hand in a step by step watch and implement functionality to help get your site running.

The WordPress Fast Track 2.0 is designed for the Newbie nontechie person that does not want to waste time watching hundreds of videos getting confused. Just click here and get your FastTrack to getting your site up and running.

Stop the wheels spinning and get to action point, click here to get it.

5 Top Posts that Teach you how to Make money Online


List of Posts on How to make Money Online

At the core of my home business ideas for people who want to start a home business is the ability to make money online.  This is because Online business is easier to run and requires low overhead costs.

When people want to make money from home, they are typically constrained by a lot of things especially if they have other responsibilities which make them home bound. For example, if you are a caregiver to a sick person or stay at home mom or Dad. Your main responsibility requires you operate within the confines of your home, therefore you cannot afford to start a brick and mortar business that will require you to leave the home area to go rent an office. This is why making money online provides you with the best option to create what you desire as a person. Today’s article is about 5 top posts that teach how to make money online.

1   Etsy Selling:

Etsy gives you the opportunity to sell your handmade goods online. This means that you can be at home producing your handcrafted items and then have the opportunity to sell to people who love the kind of products that you make. Etsy is a company that has been around since. I wrote a post how to start an Etsy shop, in that post I went in-depth on the various steps you need to follow in other to start an Etsy shop. With the guidelines provided within this post, you should be able to start the online business of selling on Etsy especially if you already have products you make at home that you require to make money from. To read it click Here.


2: Printables

Printables Business: In this day of online business, selling your printables online is the fasted business you can start with your design skills. If you have a little design skill and a knack for bringing together good designs, you should be able to make and sell your printables from your laptop anywhere you are. I wrote an excellent piece on how you can start a printables business withing 2 hours. This article was so good that I even took my own advice, lol. I started two shops on 2 platforms after I wrote that post. Here are the shops that I started, one on Redbubble platform and one Zazzle Platform named Eleoraconcepts. This is a post you should not miss out on reading if a basic designer like me can do it, so can you. Read that post Here.

3 Creating an Ecourse

With the advent of the internet, the world has become an online classroom, meaning that anyone who has a life experience worth sharing can create a course and teach anyone who desires to learn.  This is the reason why online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera  e.t.c are flourishing. Here is a post that will break down the cost of creating a course. The good thing about the course creation is that once it’s done and uploaded on a platform where it can be assessed.,your major work is done. The only thing required is the promotion to get sales. Want to know more about the cost of creating an online course read it Here

4: Selling other peoples Products to Make Money online.

Selling other people’s products has become mush easier especially with products that you have researched and seen that it’s a good fit for the audience you are targeting. When you have physical products which you want to sell but you don’t want to stock it. You also don’t also have much money for overhead costs neither do you want to deal with packaging and shipping. Then you have to consider Dropshipping Business. Drop shopping allows you to promote other people’s products to your target market, make sales from it and then inform the manufacturers to ship it to your buyers.

The good thing about drop shipping is that you make a sale first before you even spend money to buy the goods the person ordered. You don’t have to go through the hassles of stocking products or shipping product. From the comfort of your home, you can sell thousands of products to buyers without ever touching the product just your money. Hahaha. If you love that idea of business then you have to read this post how to start a Drop shipping business. In that post, I went in-depth on all you need to start up. It includes where you can source your product from, the manufacturers and sites that give you the best list of wholesalers to how you can set up an eCommerce platform that suits your needs. Read it here.

5: Writing to Make money Online.

If you have a knack for writing great articles or you love to tell a good story, then the online business that will suit you will be Blogging. Blogging has given lots of people the opportunity to tell their own individual stories and make a living by sharing it with their followers. By creating a followership, they have been able to monetize their content and get themselves a tidy income all from the comfort of their home. The beautiful thing about blogging is that you can blog about anything and you will find your own tribe of followers that will like your content. I  did a post on how blogging will help you make an income. Read it here. If blogging is what excites you then you have to ensure you know about Plugins, the very great helper of the Newbie Blogger. Read my post on 7 must have  Plugins for a newbie blogger.


If you have looked at all these choices and you can’t seem to find something that suits you, then head over to my post on how to pay yourself as a stay at home mom for more ideas and options.

I can’t end this post without telling you that working from home is not always so cool. Therefore here are 7 things to expect when you work from home.

A little dose of inspiration to close for today, read my post on God will outlast your storm.


Ultimate guide to a Printables Business

How to start a Printables Business

Printables business is a type of digital business that allows a person who has graphic design skills to sell monetize his products. It is a business which I will recommend to any stay at home mom who wishes to build a home business because the start up cost is small and it gives you the ability to earn passive income from home. It also gives artists an opportunity to express oneself creatively and earn money from it.

Once your design is up, all you need to do is to provide customer support for it and you are on your way to earning a good income.

I was inspired to write this post because I know what it is to be a stay at home mom who wants to augment her income or run a business from home. The circumstance you are in right now may not give you the opportunity to run a complete brick and mortar business, but if you have some graphic design skills or even if you don’t have any but have an interest in producing printables. You can turn it into a business and earn a good chunk of money from it.

In this post, I will be showing you how to start this business, where to sell your printables and different ways of monetizing your printable designs.


Defining a Niche for your Printables Business

Before you start your business, you have to decide what niche you will like to serve, I always believe that when you want to start a new venture, start with a niche you are familiar with. For more on discovering your niche, please Get My Free Ebook, I did a very good job of explaining how to discover your niche market there.

What kind of Niche will you like your printables to serve, if you are a food buff who likes recipes and the likes, you can design printables that present recipes in such a way that people will be willing to buy them, stick them on the Refridgerator and use them whenever they require. Here are some common niches you may like to consider.

  • Kids/ Baby: You could make Printables for Kids, baby stickers, printables to organize baby feedings or checklists for the baby’s doctors visit. you can also make designs for baby clothes, Fun printable binders for kids
  • Food: You can make printable grocery coupons, printable grocery lists, food recipe printables and simple organizational charts for the food pantry.
  • School: You could make Printable Graph paper, printable coloring sets for kids or teens in school.
  • Gifts: Printable greeting cards, gift certificates, printable gift sets, printable gift tags.
  • Organizational printables: This may include checklists, Binders, homemakers checklist, e.t.c.
  • Blogs: Printables that helps bloggers organize their content, schedule their posts and plan their content output.

There are a lot of ideas that you can design printables around, just brainstorm around what you are familiar with before you set out to create a printable design around it.

Tools for your Printables Business

It’s easy, just a few things and you are good to go:

  • A Laptop computer or desktop
  • Design software: I recommend the following

Canva.com : Canva gives you the opportunity to design stuff you like using their already made templates,  I use canva a lot because I like their features. It actually works well if you are beginner designer with little or no skills. Canva will enable you to make designs that are easy to use and also beautiful. They have a paid feature though where you get to resize your pictures, the only downfall with that feature is that the resizing is still withing the context of their own design sizes, you can’t resize your pictures to what you want especially if your dimensions are not in their bouquet of offerings. Where you want a picture that is paid, it’s often a dollar to buy the picture that you like.

I get most of my pictures from Canva because I love that someone with zero design skills can pick up their templates and design something good.

Picmonkey: There has been a lot of raves about picmonkey, I haven’t used it before but most write ups about it says it’s a beautiful platform to use in designing your printables. It has the option for resizing your pictures to the size you want. So if you are someone who can afford to pay their monthly paid feature then you can sign up with them. They have a free trial period of 7 days, so you can use it to check them out to see if you like what they have to offer. You can edit your photos, touch up your designs or create an entirely new design or even collage what you already have.

Adobe Illustrator: This is also a design software with a paid feature that enables you to design your printables. It’s a good one but I will recommend that if you are new to designing stuff before you run off to start paying a monthly subscription. You can try out your skills by designing with the free options like Canva first as you get better and make more sales, you can then begin to use a paid version. Their plans vary but the popular Indesign option goes for 19 dollars if you are signing up for an annual plan.

Photoshop elements: Much like the Adobe Illustrator too, you will have to pay a monthly fee before you can use it.


Fonts: Fonts are a great part of designing printables because they give you different options that will help you letter your printable material. Shopping around for a good font will go a long way in determining how good your design will turn out. A good Place to get your Fonts from will be at the creative market. There are also free fonts out there that you can use to make your designs pop. Examples of free fonts are Brela, Comfortaa, Ubuntu, Chivo, Jura, clear sans. There a lot out there you can research to find one that suits you.

Caution: Don’t forget to watermark and password your design on PDF to prevent theft.


How to sell your Printable designs.

Since printables are digital products, there are many ways to sell your designs.

 Etsy: Etsy is a platform that enables you to sell your handmade goods, so it’s the best place to sell your handmade printable designs. For a listing price of 2 cents, you can set up your shop on Etsy and begin to sell. For more on how to start an Etsy shop read my post on how to set up an Etsy shop

 Zazzle: Zazzle is a platform that allows you to sell your designs to them so they can be used on different types of objects like mugs T-shirts, pillow cases or even table mats. You earn commissions for every sale that they make on those objects.

Society 6: society6 operates much like Zazzle, you earn money commissions for your designs, while they do all the hard work of printing your designed printables and shipping it to the buyer.

Redbubble.com: Redbubble puts the designer’s printable designs on different categories of their stuff like Men’s T- shirts, women’s wear, wall art, home décor, casings for phones and a whole lot of other stuff they have on their site. The good thing is you get to decide where you want your designs to be put and you get paid a certain percentage of the sale of the material that your design is on.

Shirtcity: Shirt city operates similarly to Redbubble, you get a commission for the designs you make and they put those designs on shirts. The company is responsible for the packaging and shipping to the customers. To sign up with shirt city click here: CLICK YOUR SHIRT!

Sell on your own site: I believe that as you succeed in selling on the different platforms above, you may begin to desire to sell on your own website if you have one. If you do not have one, then its time for you to start a blog ad create an online presence that will enable you to write about what you do and also sell your products through it.  A good eCommerce platform that will make it easy for you to set up your online shop is the Shopify platform. It will give you the needed resources to get your eCommerce store up and running without many problems

Design for others as a Freelancer: You can also sell your designs to others for them to use, especially for Bloggers who may love your work but do not have the skills to do what you do, you can  choose to make custom made designs for them and charge them a one off fee to use your designs.

Create an Ecourse: You can also create an e-course and teach people via your blog how to make those designs, you will make a ton of passive income from your course. To learn how to create an e-course, read this post I wrote on a breakdown on how much it will cost you to create a course that people will pay for in other to learn from you.

This post I wrote so inspired me that I went on and started 2 online stores withing 2 hours, read about it Here

For more on how ideas on starting a home business as a stay at home mom:


How I Ran My Training Solutions Company from Home

7 Helpful Tips for the Home business owner and a Free Ebook



How to turn your Life experience into a Money printing small business

For stay at home moms who want to support their lifestyle
A post on how to turn your unique life experience into a money making venture while helping others.

This week  starts on a good note, a week in which we celebrate the small business owners. It’s the National Small Business week starting from April 30th to May 6th. The celebration was instituted since 1963 to celebrate the contributions of small business owners to the growth of the American economy. You can read more about their activities here.

Its special to me because I promote and encourage women who are stay at home moms  to start small businesses from their homes, it empowers one to live life at its best and according to your own terms.

Small business owners create 2 out of every 3 jobs in America today and you can be part of the percentage that is making impact in the economy. According to a SBA advocacy report, 52% of small businesses in America are home based businesses, while 78.5% of small businesses are nonemployer businesses( Businesses which have no employees), these are businesses run solely by the owners. This week celebrates the impact of such business in the economy, a testimony to the fact that small business are consistently growing.

The good thing about this trend is that women owned businesses are growing at a rate 5 times better than other businesses, this is according to a research on the State of women owned businesses . So if you are a stay at home mom or even a working mom who has been thinking about how to ditch your 9-5 to start a home based business that will meet your needs, there are reports that support the fact that women owned businesses are on the rise and keeps getting better and better.

For some moms wondering where to start from , know that one of  the businesses you can easily start, is an online business which is based on your various experiences in life. According to an article written by Melanie Deziel for INC , it posits that in these days of information age, creating information products around the subjects you are passionate about is one of the ways you can turn your passion into a 6 figure business.

This is possible because with the internet connecting billions of people on the face of the earth, there are billions of searches for information on how to do things. People are hungry for information and are willing to pay a good amount of money to learn what will move them to the next level. As long as you have skills which you can impart to other people, then you are in business.

Creating a course on how your experience can help some people solve their problems is one of the easiest ways you can make a living form the internet. The good thing about this type of business is the fact that it  costs as little as less than a 100 dollars to start.

For example, suppose you already have an idea about helping new moms take care of their little babies or even first time moms from pregnancy to weaning a child, here is a rundown on what you  need to create an online course based on that topic.

What you need to create an online course.

Discover your Niche: Find out what pain points people  your niche have  a write out solutions to their pain points. This will form the building block of your online course.

Build a followership around this Niche via social media channels   like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Start a Blog: Where you can write articles about how your knowledge can help your potential niche. You can get a domain name and a hosting option with a little amount, here is a link Sign up now for hosting

Build an email list: Get to the inbox of your  followers by offering a free training or eBook to them in exchange for their emails.

Sell your courses: Market your courses to your subscribers or offer online coaching classes to them.

Cost breakdown for creating an online course.

Domain Name + Hosting: 8 dollars per month using Jvzoo Host,Sign up now for hosting .

Email Marketing software: 9 dollar per month Using SENDLANE email marketing software.

 Facebook advert cost: Perhaps 35 dollars per month (targeted advertising by Facebook)

Cost of Building you course: 0 dollars, you already have the experience and you can find out how to create the course from google search

 Delivery cost: You can deliver your course via webinars, YOUTUBE or email correspondence course or you can use an automated system like Teachable

for a minimum of 39 dollars per month.

Cost of setup of payment channel: 0 dollars you can set up a payment channel for your courses for free your payment channel can be PAYONEER, where you receive payment for your courses without much stress.

Total costs of starting this business: 52 dollars + or -39 dollars if you choose to use Teachable

The extra 48 dollars can be plugged into Google ads if you choose not to use Teachable and choose instead to use the workflow method in the email marketing software of SENDLANE

The Blog issue is easy to start if you are using Jvzoo host, their customer service support is excellent. Their packaging makes it easy for you to get your Blog up and running within the shortest time possible. Sign up now for hosting

With these simple and easy steps, you are set to go, to encourage you more Read how this 26 year old started a seven figure online business from her Van

You can also read how this South African Woman turned a consistently nagging problem into a solution she is selling, read it here

To know how to go about transitioning into an a mompreneur,Get My Free Ebook

You can turn your life experiences into a money printing business, give it a go. Don’t let this small business week be a waste, tap into it and get moving.