Eleora Fashion Store


Since I started teaching via my Blog on how to create a Home Business, I have not left myself behind in starting up another home business hence my creation of my online shop Eleora Fashion Store hosted currently on the Bonanza online Marketplace.

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Red Bag
Long Chain CrossBody Minibag
Genuine Leather Messenger Bag
Women’s Fashion Genuine Leather Messenger Bag


On this page, I will be showcasing some of the goods I have currently in my Shop.

In my shop I sell Handbags, Winter wear for women and Kids and Jewelry.

Poncho warm winter wear
Bohemian Styled Poncho

When you shop at my store you support the dream of helping other women take up the challenge of starting a Home business that supports their lifestyles and empowers them to be all they can be in their homes and communities.

Crystal bead Drop earrings
Water Drop fashion Earring


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Genuine Leather Bag