How to start a Care package Business

Care package business

Care packages are carefully curated comfort items which are sent to people who are away from home. Such people may include soldiers, students, grandparents, or even sick people who are hospitalized.

So how do you turn this seemingly comfort related idea into a Care Package Business? Follow me as I unveil to you how to start this wonderful business

Care packages are often personal, meaning that they are specially handpicked for the comfort of the receiver, this means that whoever chooses to do this type of business must be someone who is detailed and has a good eye for beautiful and inexpensive stuff that will make the receiver feel special.

The idea of this business is to create a feeling of having people who are thinking of you sending something to you to let you know that you are being held in high esteem

I was a little girl who had just gone to the Boarding School when I got what I would call my first care package. You see it was my first time of moving out very far away from my home. I moved to another state to attend high school and it was a boarding house,  I remember how I was just in my class when I was sent for by my Principal. I wondered what I had done to warrant the Principal calling for me in his office.

I did not know my Dad had sent me a care package, so my attention was needed so I could access it.

I can still recall my Dads friends’ name who brought that care package. I remember how it made me feel that Term. I had an excess of stuff that I even took some home when I was going back.

This is to tell you that the feeling that is created by such a business is incomparable, especially if the person has been away from home for a while.

An example of a care package can be the carefully crafted bundled offers we have in our online coffee store for the coffee enthusiasts who loves to travel with his own coffee.


So to start a care package business: here is what you need to know


You have to decide what type of Niche you will like to serve, will it be College students, or Military personnel or even elderly people who live in care facilities away from their kids. Nailing down a Niche will help you plan better on how to market your business to the right people.


How do you intend to source for your inventory, will you carry inventory or will you have an arrangement with all the sellers of your gifts options so that you can easily place your order once your order has been taken. You also have to decide if you will like to make room for people to make choices from your inventory or perhaps give you their own list which they had like you to fulfill and package and send to their loved ones.

Because I will probably prefer that you run this care package business out of your home, I will advise that you give room for customization so that people can get the best of what they want. Remember that when they are satisfied with your services, they will tell others of their experience. Because there is no price that we can place on making someone feel good, especially for a loved one, people are often willing to pay a good amount to send such care packages to their loved ones that they have not seen in a while.


How do you structure your pricing, remember that in cases where you have to shop for a list, you are spending much more than you will when they pick your already available inventory. You know running a care package business is actually a service you are offering because you are taking off the stress of then running around to put together such priceless comfort items for their loved ones, so remember to price your goods appropriately to reflect your costs.


Picking and Packing: 

For the most part, you will have to pick and pack the gift items yourself, you have to be careful in ensuring that the personality of the receiver shines through in your packaging. Adding little notes that reflects that person’s needs and even what the family intends to communicate to the receiver is a very important part of this business so be sure you are meticulous about’s also important to get the appropriate packaging materials that will ensure that your goods are not damaged along the way.


Because all your items put together must get to the person at an appropriate time, you must be willing to take your time to choose a good shipping agency, you do not want delays or lost packages. It’s also important that you find out what your shipping costs so that you don’t end up doing business at a loss.

Coffee grinder and mug
Coffee grinder + Mug and Coffee maker.

Marketing your Business

There is a no business which does not require marketing if you want to get sales, for the care package business be willing to hit the ground running by approaching your potential clients in person. If you are going with the college Niche which is a really lucrative Niche, going to the schools and attending sessions where parents are there especially if they are freshmen students will go a long way to make your business visible.

Being creative in putting together bundled offers and packages on the go for people who do not want to spend time picking up their own stuff will also go a long way to ease your sales.

An example of a care package business is, read her interview here

In doing your market research to determine which Niche you want to serve, be willing to listen to the people in that niche to find out what kinds of packages will make a difference in their lives.

On a final note, I know care packages are originally designed to be physical goods, but you can also look at digital goods too. These can be curated and sent as care packages too.


The 4 point action plan for the Blogger who wants to be Profitable

4 point action plan on how to make money from my blog

When you start Blogging as a Newbie, one of the things that will be running through your mind will be how do I make money from my Blog? except you are Blogging for fun, if you are not then you have to nail down a strategy for converting all your hard work into a money-making business.

So, as a new blogger, some of the questions you may be asking yourself will be How do I make money from my Blog? when do I start monetizing my blog? and what strategy do I need?

In this post, I will be laying out  a 4  point action plan you can use to start making money from your blog, note that I did not say immediately, except you have been blogging for awhile now and have built up your audience.

Give and Give

The first thing you need to to know as a Blogger is that the first rule of Blogging is to give and give. This means that you have to first give out your content for free, in other words, be willing to work for free for some amount of time.

Depending on how much time you have to put into your blog, it may take up to 6 months or even a year. Just know that you will be giving out a ton of information to people for free, in doing this you are building your audience, selecting your own tribe and generally trying to build your fan base.

Coffeebeans, coffee grinder, hotwater flask, coffeemaker


Share and Share

The second rule of thumb is to share and share and also be consistent with your sharing. Be ready to share your content always on all the social channels, on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Pinterest is your Best Friend

The third rule of thumb is that  Pinterest is your best friend, not a pretty platform for sharing your food pictures. Pinterest is your first master before you even think of SEO.

Having covered the bases of what you need to get right, now let’s move into the 4 point action plan

Freelance writing:

I know that when you hear freelance writing you may begin to wonder if I am still talking about Blogging or something else. Well, freelance writing is one of the ways that you can monetize your blog. Your blog is already an online platform where your work is published so signing up with different platforms like Upwork, Contentmart etc is just a way of telling people that you are available to be hired for projects. You will stand a chance of getting hired to write for other Blogs because you are already a blogger yourself. If you doubt me, you can ask Elna Cain of who teaches writers like yourself how to snag freelance writing jobs.


Sponsored posts:

A sponsored post is when a Brand approaches you or perhaps you pitch to a brand on how you can write a post about their product to share with your audience. See why it’s important for you to  build up your audience, you can’t be sharing your knowledge with empty seats in your blog- virtual seats I mean Lol.

Get Sponsored by Big Brands

The brands gets to pay you for the post you wrote and shared with your audience. Sometimes it’s in cash, sometimes it in kind. This means a product exchange like when a brand sends you their product for you to review and share your experience with your audience. The good thing about sponsored posts is that you can join sponsored networks like Izea and you get sent opportunities from time to time where you get to bid in other to get selected. If you win the bid, then you are selected to write the posts. One of the great people I know that teaches how to get sponsored post to monetize her blog is Jenny Melrose of

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is promoting other peoples products in exchange for a commission when people buy from your link. It is a good way to make money from your blog If you have a decent amount of traffic coming to your blog. If the traffic is great, chances are that you will be getting a lot of clicks on the links that you drop on the blog for the products that you are an affiliate for.

I wrote a post on how to know affiliate links that pay the most, please take time to read it. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it can be a major source of income if you have a good amount of traffic. One of the best affiliate marketing networks I will advise you to sign up with is Viglink. They make affiliate marketing seem like a piece of cake, you just write your posts and they affiliate your posts by themselves, no use doing that yourself. They also have a lot of brands signed up with them so you can be rest assured that they will find something to affiliate on your blog no matter what your niche is.The go-to Person for affiliate marketing is Michelle Gardner of


Create an ecourse:

This is the mother of all money makers in Blogging, that question on how to make money from my blog? gets answered in a resounding way here if your course is successful, except it, comes with a lot of hard work too. The good thing is that once your course is all set up, you only need to keep marketing it to make money.

The little brother of creating an e-course in case you feel its too much work is to write an ebook. It may mean lesser work but it’s by no means easy because you will still have to market the ebook and sell it to your audience. If you want to learn about how to create an awesome online course then go to

Now with this 4 point action plan what are you supposed to do? create a strategy with them, you can pick one of the actions plans and begin to dig deep and craft out a strategy on how to use it to make your first money online from your blog and you will be on your way to making your first 1000 dollars online.

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How to start a private label Home Business


Read how to start a Private Label Home Business
Private Label Home Business

Private labeling is a term used to connote where someone sells s third party’s product under his own brand name. A private label entrepreneur often has exclusive sale rights of that product and he or she can alter the product to suit his own needs.

This means that the product manufacturer is giving the seller the right to sell that product under his or her own brand name. Private labeling is often a path that can be chosen by any small business person to start his own line of products without necessarily manufacturing the product himself.

It is usually a win-win situation for both the manufacturer and the seller. the manufacturer gets to sell as much product as they want without having to market the product, while the seller who sells under their own brand name sells a product he likes without having to touch anything manufacturing. It means they can focus on getting the product to sell rather than manufacturing it.

Sometimes a small-time manufacturer may be able to get a big brand name to adapt their product and hence get more sales than they will have gotten had they been selling the product themselves. An example of a private label product that is successful is a company that is selling insoles for women who wear high heels.

Why Private Label

-It enables you to Jumpstart a branded product business without having to manufacture yourself

-It cuts down the time to market and reduces the cost of having to manufacture your products yourself.

-It means you can spend your time selling the product instead of manufacturing it yourself

-It’s a market that is on the rise, consumers are tending towards private label brands as an alternative to already established name brands which tend to be pricey.

-You have control over your packaging, profit, and production.

-You can take advantage of a niche product and maximize the profit because you are a small business and can move quickly to meet consumer demands.


How to start a Private label Business.

Choose a Niche: Before you decide to start a private label business you have to do one thing which every small business does, that is to decide what your niche will be. What niche will you like to play in? as this will enable you to begin to find products that fall into that category. To read more about what a Niche is, get my free ebook on 6 easy steps from mom to mompreneur

For example, Health food is a niche, Green product is also a niche which many people are tapping into to start their private label businesses. A Niche can be either narrow or broad, for example, Green Products is an example of a broad Niche, a person selling in that category can sell anything ranging from food to clothing material as long as it meets the qualification of being a product that helps to keep the earth safe.

Source for a product: The next thing to do after choosing a Niche is to choose the product you want to sell in this Niche, for example using our Green products niche example, you can decide to sell reusable water bottles made from either glass or aluminum. This is because by doing this you are promoting the less use of plastic water bottles, you can also choose to sell shopping bags made from recycled materials. Whatever you choose to start with, make sure it’s a product which the market needs that is, there is a demand for it before you go ahead to start marketing it.

Find you Product manufacturer: Because a bulk of your costs will come from how cheap you are able to get your product manufacturer to manufacture your products, you have to take the time to look carefully for the right manufacturer partnership

This is because your entire business will depend on how successful this partnership works out, you do not want to choose manufacturers who will stand you up at the last minute or do not have the capacity to produce the quantity your market demands.

You also have to be willing to use people who understand that you will have the exclusive right to sell their products, this is where you will need to have someone who knows how to draw up a contract that prevents another person from selling the same products, you can also go as far as patenting the right to that product.

A good place to start sourcing for your products is to go to a platform where you have a lot of curated overseas factories ready to help you manufacture your product. The platform that is able to do this is sourcify. Sourcify has a lot of factories from all over the world who will help with your manufacturing process and cut down the time you will have spent searching for manufacturers on your own. Another platform you can use is Alibaba, in this case, you will have to source for the manufacturers your self and prequalify them by yourself. There are also others like esources too.

Create a brand: Once you are done with getting your manufacturer and initiating a partnership, the next thing is to create a brand for your business. I have written on how you can brand your home business in a previous article, so please read it for more knowledge.

Market and sell: To sell your products, of course you will need an online store, this is where you get to decide which online selling platform you will like to use, I wrote a post about online store versus online marketplace, in that post I enumerated the advantages and disadvantages of using either one of them.

If you choose to have your own standalone shop also known as ecommerce store, then you should be thinking of using either of Wix or Shopify. They provide you with the opportunity to have an online shop where you can showcase your goods to your customers. If you are a small business owner just starting out with a small budget, I will suggest you go with Wix, their prices are cheaper and you get a lot of free add-ons that will cost you less to operate.


Examples of Niches where you can private Label products

-Personal care products: e.g. shampoos, Body cream,

-Green Products; recyclable goods and products made with care for the earth

-Healthy Food

-Fashion Accessories

-Essential Oils.




To round up this post, I would like to reiterate that the world of ecommerce business is moving toward private labeling as a way to build small brands by small business owners to create value and also to offer alternatives to more costly established brands.

In my next post, I will be delving into 5 hot products that you can private label right now without much stress.

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To the mom who is struggling financially, I see you.


A post about getting out of debt
Moms struggling financially

Its almost Mothers day and I can’t believe that we just celebrated one not too long ago last year. In my last mothers day post, I wrote about 6 things I have learned in my motherhood Journey. This Mothers day I want to write about the Mom who is struggling financially, to the mom who daily struggles to make ends meet, I see you, this one is for you.

It is for the mom who is struggling financially trying to balance both keeping the home and making a living. You may work outside your home or perhaps you work within your home, It’s to you I dedicate this post too. I am writing here to say I see you and I got your back.  Here are 4 things that I feel will help you get your perspective in other to win in your race to become a great mom and to also build a legacy.


If you are in that place where you feel harassed, disorganized and you feel like things are spiraling out of control especially with your finances. The first thing you need to do is to pray, this is because when you pray you are connecting to someone who is bigger than you which is our Lord Jesus, you are connecting to him because he knows answers which you do not know.

Going to him in prayer about what you are going through is a good way to begin to source for the solutions to what you are going through. It doesn’t matter that it may not have been what you planned for or that you made a mistake, what matters is that you are reaching out to him in prayers and seeking out answers to questions that are bordering you. To know how to deal with difficult times, read my post on 3 things to do in difficult times.


If you have prayed well on your issues, you will get answers from the Lord, sometimes the answers may drop as a thought into your mind, and from that thought, ideas begin to form. Begin to plan with those ideas and thoughts that are coming into your mind.

Some of those thoughts may have to do with cutting down on expenses that are needless and are sucking finances or perhaps renegotiating a loan that you took that is choking your finances that won’t let you plan ahead. It can even be a new way of making money that will increase your financial sources and hence enable you to get out of debt. Whatever that thought is, write it down and begin to plan how you will implement it.

Take action:

All the plans in the whole world without any action to back it up will be useless, begin immediately to take action. Plug that financial hole that is draining your finances, say no to that new shiny loan that will purportedly help you to get out of debt and plug you into a deeper one.

Cut down on what you do need and do away with what you do not need by selling off those excess properties and plugging the cash into your debt to reduce it.

Ensure that you are doing all in your power to stop the excesses that led to your indebtedness. Begin to implement new ways of increasing your income, it could be via a second job or perhaps a home business or even simply adding money-making options to what you are already doing. You will notice that as you take these actions, it will take you out of the rut of helplessness to a place of hope.

Be thankful for the progress you have made:

The little differences that your actions make in your finances, no matter how little it is, celebrate them and repeat them again. It is a baby step, yes but you will keep walking until you walk out of debt. Be thankful for where you are in life and believe God that he is leading you out of financial struggles into financial abundance. Do not fret about the things that may not be working now but work consistently to improve on it until you get better at it.

This post is not a typical mothers day post but I feel led in my Spirit that there is someone who needs what I have written today if that person is you, then Happy am I that I have touched your life today and if you want to be continuously encouraged, join me on Elizabeth Uchealors show and get more of your encouragement dose to help you win.

To your success and Happy Mothers day



3 ways you can brand your home business easily

3 ways to brand your home business easily
How to Brand your Home Business


In today’s post, I will be talking about how you can brand your home business and why you should build a brand as opposed to just starting a business.

The business world is fast evolving and people are searching for the meaning behind a business, the social media era has put so many businesses on the front burner and empowered the consumer to make deliberate choices about why they should buy from a business.

As a home business owner even though you are starting out small, you should be thinking in the long term, what do I want to be known for? You cannot afford to be a jack of all trades but you can afford to be the best of what you are doing right now, that’s why the topic of building a brand as opposed to just starting a home business is something you should carefully consider as you start your business.

A home business is usually overlooked when it comes to branding because people erroneously believe that branding is expensive and it’s for big companies alone. In this post, I am going to show you 3 ways you can cheaply build a brand around your business without spending much.

I will also reveal some resourceful places you can get materials to build a brand of your home business. I had like you to know that brands are mostly visually based and in the online world, visuals play a large role in people actually purchasing from you. If you have a great product but have not taken time to package it properly you may be making less than you should be from your business

Reasons why you should Brand your home business

Branding increases the value of your product:  Its easy for people to go and just pick up a product from the market and tell you how much it costs especially if it’s a common product that the price is common knowledge, but for a branded product its hard to tell how much the price should be because people are buying  what that product represents for them and not necessarily how much it costs in the market. A brand is a promise that people buy because they believe in it.

For example, you can buy a wristwatch from the shop for a price of $100 d and just wear it without feeling a thing. But the same wristwatch when branded with a known name like Micheal Kors suddenly takes on a new meaning for you. In fact, you are willing to pay more for that same product even if it was made by the same manufacturer, that is the power of branding you. A branded product is perceived to have more value than a product that is not a brand.

Branding tells your story: People buy from brands for a reason, your why is what will draw people to your products or repel them from your products. Your brand is the vehicle to tell that story well. When you use your brand to tell people what you want to achieve, you stake your claim on mind territories and get a share of what people believe in, they begin to expect that which you have mentioned from you and hence become more loyal to you as you fulfill your brand promise.


Branding differentiates you: Raise your hand if you want to look like anybody else, I mean you don’t want someone to look at 3 different products and be able to pick out your product out, that’s the value of branding, you define how you want to look like. Through the characteristics of your product, your customers are able to recognize your product from a mile away. This is the value that is inherent when you brand your home business and people are often willing to pay for that unique difference that is from you.

Having dealt with the reasons why you should brand your home business, now let’s get to 3 ways you can do it.

3 ways to Brand your Home Business

Get a Logo: A logo is that unique icon that is personal and uniquely yours just like you have a domain name, you cannot afford to have a home business without having a Logo that depicts your business, remember the part about differentiating yourself? getting a professional logo is part of it. Your Logo is like your unique identity telling people who you are. Remember how you can tell that a McDonald’s store is in a place just by seeing their logo, that’s how people should be able to tell your products from your Logo.

To make a Logo design these days is cheap, you can do one yourself using Canva or you can pay and use online platforms like Taylor brands, 99designs or even hire a professional to do your designs, whatever route you choose to follow either way you are taking the first step to differentiate yourself.

Crafts a Mission statement: What is your reason for starting your business and what do you want to be known for, this is the difficult aspect of doing business or starting a home business. Some people just want to start a business, they do not want to think through on these two aspects, your purpose and your reason. These two reasons will help you to differentiate your business from the crowd, people buy into why you are doing your business not necessarily because you offer a product or service, they want to know if your business affects lives positively or just for your own pecuniary needs. It’s from this why and purpose that you can craft out your mission statement.

Packaging is important:  Packaging is how you present your business to the consumers if you are selling a tangible product, its how that product is presented that matters, inappropriate packaging with labeling defaults or misspelled names shows someone who is untidy and lacks attention to details.

If you are online people will be impressed with the visual aspect of your product before they can buy, remember that they cannot touch your product physically so your chance of convincing them to buy from you lies in how well you present your product. Ranging from the pictures of your products to videos of product demonstration, it should beautiful, neat and appealing.

Also adding small accessories like tags, packaging boxes and labels for a small amount that can make all the difference in your product value.

Suppose you want to get tangible materials that are associated with your products at a very small price, you can head on to Aliexpress and get suppliers who will make custom products for you.

If your product is intangible, ease of access and clarity in communicating your values and services is key to branding your home business.

Finally, I cant keep it in any longer, we are launching a Brand new product into the coffee and Tea market called coffeesantea yeah that’s the reason it looks like I have been on holiday from this page, but I want you to be part of it. So please go here and read about our pre-launch activities. Participate and be part of what we are doing.

It promises to be fun and there are lots of prizes to be won, don’t be told, be there.

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