Home staging Business 101( All you need to know )

Turn your passion for decorating into a home business. Start a Home staging business today
Home staging Business 101.

HGTV anyone, raise your hand if you love watching that show. I watched like tons of it, I loved watching how ugly homes were bought, transformed and sold at a good amount. I loved Fixer upper Flip or Flop and Love it or List it.

My love for interior décor and design started long ago when I moved to a new home. I was involved with the designer that designed my home, I got to pick the colors that worked for me and that home turned out perfect.

Today I will be talking about starting a Home staging business from the perspective of a Home business, I know that sounds cocky but I guess I will let it slide. For those who love to watch HGTV or are interested in real estate, you will always see those guys who offload the furniture and arrange empty homes to make it look beautiful before it is listed for sale, those people are called home stagers.

The work of a Home stager goes a long way to help increase the value of a home, real estate agents have been known to sell property well above their value because they engaged a good home stager who brought out the beauty of the home. They also help to create the ambiance which makes people consider buying a property.

Home staging portfolio Guide by Debra Gould
Ultimate Portfolio Guide for Home staging by Debra Gould

To start a Home Staging Business here is what you need to do.

1.Understand your Market

Home staging is like an accessory to the real estate market. This means that most Home staging business jobs in conjunction with real estate agents or homeowners who are looking to sell their homes. Home staging helps to bring out the beauty in a home and also enhance the essential qualities in a Home in other to make it more appealing to the buyer.

You will need to study your real estate market before you decide to start your business for instance, here are some questions you need to answer

-Where are the homes selling, what seasons do you see for sale signs everywhere?

-Where are the real estate agents who are involved in selling these homes and how will you approach them to market your services?

-Where is the next real estate fair taking place and how will you participate?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself so as to get a good knowledge of what the market is about before you dive in.

2.Put together a Portfolio:

One of the beautiful things about Home décor and Home staging is the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. This means that once people see your photo shots, they quickly have an idea of what you can do. So in starting Home staging business, the first thing you may need to do is to put together a Photoshoot which you can use as your own portfolio, this will give people an idea of what you can offer.

Remember to take the before and after pictures so as to illustrate the difference that your services made in the home you staged. If you are just starting out you can use your own home or friends home. You may even reach out to Homeowners who are trying to sell their homes and offer to home -stage for them for free in exchange for recommendation and referrals.

3.Network with Real estate Agents:

When one is starting a business, one of the most daunting tasks is always where do I start from, how do I reach out to people who need my services. I think the first thing you may need to do is to connect to people who are selling homes, that is the real estate companies and agents and offer to work with them.

You can choose to start by showing them your portfolio or even offer free services for a start so they can see your handwork before perhaps making a commitment to you.

Another set of people that you need to connect with are Furniture sellers, renters, and logistics people and generally, stores who sell their goods to homeowners. You can also connect with local people who live in your area they are often the ones who know what homes are hot on the market, those who are eager to sell.

4.Write a one Page Business Plan:

A business plan is a document that enables you to know how to make money from your business. I know that when people hear the word business plan, their mind gets switched off especially if you don’t consider your self-business savvy but it does not have to be something fanciful, just a One-page business plan will do.

If want one, please go here to read my post on the one page business plan. Your business plan will enable you to plan and itemize your income streams and decide how you are going to make money from those income streams.

Home staging business training
Home staging Business training


Your Marketing plan is an integral part of what you will be doing in other to land your first client. Getting your name out there may require the following marketing drives

Set up a one-page website:

To learn how to start a one build a one-page website you can read my post on how to start a Blog when you are not Techy, yes it’s not a Blog that you are starting but a simple website is no different from a Blog setting, that’s why I refer you to that post

Set up your Online Presence:

Start by setting up your different social pages like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Because Home staging business is a visual-based business, you cannot afford not to be on Instagram and Pinterest, It pays to understand what platform will enhance your business more.

Offline marketing activities will include

-Attending local reals estate fairs and distributing your marketing materials aka, cards, Fliers, and banners.

-Checking out your neighborhood for recent listings or even properties that haven’t sold in a while. Perhaps your staging business can contribute to enhancing its value.

-Submitting your portfolio to Real estate offices.

Skills that you may require start off

Home staging business is an unstructured industry, therefore, you may not need any kind of licensing in other to set up your business. Except of course incorporating your company, businesses want to deal with businesses, not individuals.

A Natural talent for decorating, designing and staging: This may be an innate quality which you have within you in that case you just need to brush it up by reading up materials which are related to the business and increasing your knowledge. You may also decide to take a course if you can afford it.

One of the people I will advise you take a course from is an industry professional who knows what she is talking about when it comes to home staging business. You can look up Debrah Gould from stagingdiva.com she is an all-time industry personnel who offers courses in Home Staging. Her courses are pricey but I know they are worth it

-A good Knowledge of Interior designing and Home décor will be of enormous advantage.

A keen eye for organizing things: Since home staging is about arranging stuff to tell a story or create an ambiance, you should have a keen eye for organizing things to make it work

Love for shopping and decorating: You love to shop for furniture decor accessories, you know how to get a good bargain.

Revamping furniture: Love for refurbishing and refinishing Furniture to make it look new

Color combination: Natural sense of color combination and coordination

Business skills: Which includes marketing, budgeting, negotiating, proposal writing, contract drafting.

Photography: Ability to take pictures from an angle that gives the best benefit.

P.S: You may not have all these skills but if you have a love for decorating and interiors, you can begin to actually learn and implement on your small projects till you perfect it.

Turn your Passion for decorating into a full time Home business. Learn how to start a Home staging business here.
How to start a Home Staging Business

Types of  services you can offer as Part of your Home Staging Business

Home staging  for Sale: This involves when you are staging a home for real estate agents who want to sell their homes

Home staging for Rent: This involves when you are staging a home because the owner wants to rent out his home perhaps to vacationers or even long-term living.

Color Consultation: This involves color consulting for the homeowner to know what types of colors suits them so as to guide them in choosing the best color spectrum for their homes.


Home decorating: This involves furnishing and decorating homes for individuals who want such services and are not interested in hiring an expensive home designer.

General consultation: This includes general consultation that can be done online for people who desire to decorate their homes themselves but have no idea where to start from. This could involve, coaching calls, online written instructions.

Resources you will require to start a Home Staging Business

-A business license and structure

-A good camera



-Home office

-Initial start-up capital

For more resources on how to start a Home Staging Business visit here


What to do when you don’t have a work at home experience


How to get a Work at home experience .

One of the issues you will face as a person when looking for a work at home Job is the issue of work at home experience. People who hire for work at home positions are often seeking for those who have the work at home experience.

If you are someone who is used to working in the office and you want to transition to working from home, you may wonder, whats the difference? work is work, right? once I have the right skills you desire why do I have to have the experience of working from home before I can be hired?

The difference between working from home and working in the office is that the Job you do in the office is supervised by someone and you are provided with the necessary gadgets with which to work with. Also, the environment is set for you, but in working from home, the environment is set by you the worker, therefore the employer needs to be assured that you have the necessary environment that meets their need.

For example, employers that want to hire call center agents who have to be on the phone always may want to know if you have a quiet environment where you can work from.

A second reason is that they need to know you understand the challenges of working from home. For example, while at your office you have to concentrate at work because you have nothing that detracts from the Job.

At home, it is a different cup of cake, employers need to know that you understand that when you say you are going to work for 5hours for them, you must put in that amount of time without distractions. You are also to arrange your home to ensure there is a minimal distraction when work is going on.

To help some of you who may have struggled to come to terms as to why you can’t seem to get a work at home Job even though you were an A-lister when it came to the office Job. Here is what you need to do to get a work at home experience to put on your resume.

Medical Jobs, RN, Medical director, Surgical technologist, Physician
Find your Medical Jobs

Offer your Services or Skills in exchange for a review:

If you are on Linkedin today you will notice that there is now a section for reviews and endorsements written by past co-workers or supervisors stating their experience in working with you. This is a very vital factor in securing your Job because employers want to know what your past work history is like.

I believe that you can have a place for recommendation or endorsements written by those who have had the opportunity to work with you in other to build up your work at home experience Resume. By offering your services or skills to people who need them, they are able to write a positive review for you that could count as a work at home experience.

Join Facebook Groups that need your skills:

If you already have the skills you need in transitioning to a work at home Job. All you need is to offer those skills to people who need it in Facebook groups. People are always willing to accept free services, for example, you may be a graphic designer who wants to work from home. By offering your services free to those in the groups so mentioned you can gain the experience of using your skills to solve people’s problems from home hence counting as a work at home experience.

You may ask what is the difference between the first point and this second point, this second point stresses offering your skills without asking for anything in return. This is because FB groups are always wary of a member seeking to profit from them but when its free, it is seen as contributing to the wellbeing of the group.

Look for someone to understudy:

If you do not have the skill and you need to learn how it is done, then you can look for someone who is already into the type of job you desire and ask to understudy them. In doing that you learn the skills required and also understand the challenges that come with working in that terrain, that way you can give relevant examples on how to solve issues that arise due to that job. This can be likened to an apprenticeship sought of.


Take a course related to the Work at home Job you want :

In this days of the explosion of online courses, there is hardly any Work at home Job that you may want to do that does not have an online course you can go through and learn from it. In fact, taking a course is one of the easiest ways to gain experience. A well-written course will take you through the motions and also simulate the likely experience of one who has been through the Job should have. The only issue is that you have to invest some amount to learn. In fact, one of the offshoots of taking a course is that you can ask the course writer to send you some real time Jobs to do so you can bump up your experience.

Join Freelance Job sites :

Freelancing for any type of skill has become a way of living right now so if you want to gain Work at home experience for a specific Job type you can join freelance Job sites and set your profile to seek that specific Job you are targeting that way you can have a real life experience which you can showcase on your resume. For more on Freelance Jobs, please read my post on 10 best sites where you can find work at home jobs

Ask your Former Boss for Volunteer Jobs:

I am yet to see offices that reject free works to be done for them, so if you are on good terms with your former boss. You can ask for Jobs to be sent to you which you can do from home. This will enable you to gain a work at home experience while you search for that Job. For example, if you were working in the Medical field as a Medical billing or coding specialist, and you had to resign because your kids need you at home. You can ask your former boss to send you some part of that Job you were doing so you can do it on a Voluntary basis. With that, you can still use them as a reference and still state that you had the experience of working for them while working at home. You get a double deal in that you have a great reference from people who already like your work.

Do you have any more ideas on how to gain experience for work at home Jobs? leave a comment below.

How to secure Divine Assistance for someone

Do you want to know how you can interceed for a loved one who needs divine assistance?. read this
How to Seek Divine Assistance for someone in trouble

Are you a person who is earnestly seeking divine assistance for your family member. There is a member of your Family who is in trouble and you really and earnestly want to see that problem go away. What are you to do as a Christian?

Sometimes we as human beings try to be nice to the one going through suffering or perhaps help out in the best way we can, but there is a limit to the help you can offer someone. For example, if someone is terminally ill, there is little you can do for that person, the only one who can help that person is the only one God who has the power to take away the infirmity and make that person whole.

If you are someone who is compassionate and want to seek divine assistance from God for  a person, here is what you need to do

Seek to understand what that person is going through:

This connotes compassion for the person who is going through issues, it may be illness or family problems or even financial issues. You must get to the place where you understand what that person is passing through, it’s only then can you develop the compassion to see that person get out of the trouble. For compassion helps you get into a position where you can feel what that person is passing through and you want to help alleviate or take it away.

Jesus always felt compassion for the people he healed(Matthew 8:3). What this means is that you cannot effectively pray for someone who you haven’t had a compassionate heart towards. Compassion flows out of Love and Love is the anchor head of the Prayer of faith. That’s why Jesus commands us to love one another.  Love is the greatest commandment of all.

Search for Scriptures that address that situation:

God said that his word is like a hammer that breaks rocks into pieces(Jeremiah 23:29).  Searching out the scripture that addresses that situation is getting the weapons that you will use in breaking the hold of the enemy on that issue.

Remember the ‘David and Goliath story’, David sought for 5 smooth stones. That was his weapon of warfare, so also when you are seeking for divine assistance for a family member, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the right scriptures that will enable you to pray effectively for that person.

I was once praying for a dear sister who was ill at that time. As I prayed, from somewhere inside of me, I just heard the scripture is this, not a brand plucked out of the fire, as soon as I began to pray that scripture over the lady, the anointing broke loose and she was made well. The Lord visited her and made her well.

I will tell you something I was surprised by that anointing and how God worked in her life that season. It helped me understand the importance of the right word for the problem. According to Proverbs, how fitting are right words, its like apples of Gold in silver settings

Pray with the Scriptures:

The bible says that Elijah was a man like us, he prayed earnestly and God heard him. Sometimes people might be in a position where they cannot pray for themselves or you are being called by God to intercede on their behalf. This means that the burden is being laid on you to intercede for that person so that God can move on his or her behalf, that was what happened to me in the story I described above.

It can also be that you are seeking for a divine assistance for that family member or even a person. Then you have to pray using the scriptures you have obtained above, for if you do not understand what the issue is you cannot pray specifically for that person.Specific prayers always get specific results.

You begin your prayer by thanking God for the opportunity to intercede for that person and you remind God of what his word says about intercession ( read Ezekiel 22:30).God is always seeking for someone who will stand in the gap for another so that he can move on that person’s behalf.

It’s at this point that you begin to mention the person involved and what the person is going through and asking him to intervene based on his word for that person.

Note that a prayer of intercession can be prayed once and victory gained or prayed continuously until you get the assurance of Victory in your Spirit.

I believe that God is calling us to be people who will help our family and friends by seeking God for his divine assistance on their behalf, I also know that we will be divinely blessed as we see out prayers being answered and victory being gained because we prayed.

The only caveat to this whole post is that you have to be saved and be a Born again Christian for it to work for you, you can not pray to a God you do not believe in.

Do you know the Lord Jesus as your Personal Lord and Saviour? if you do not, today is the day of salvation, say this simple prayer of Faith with me:

Dear Jesus, have mercy on me and forgive me my sins, I believe that you died for my sins and on the third day you rose again for my justification. I commit my life into your hands today, and I ask you to be my lord and personal savior. From today I choose to serve you all the days of my life.

If you prayed that prayer from your heart, then you are saved. Get into a bible believing church where you will be taught more of Gods word.

Do you have more points on how to seek divine assistance from the Lord? drop your comment below.



5 reasons a stay at home mom should have a Home business.

5 reasons why a stay at home mom should have a home business
5 reasons you should have a home business as a stay at home mom

To be a stay at home mom is one of the greatest sacrifices you can make as a mother for yourself and your family. It’s a great gift of self and time which you invest in your family in other to nurture your kids and see them grow into the wonderful people you envision for them.

Being available and attentive to their needs and also taking care of your own needs, however, can be a tough act to balance out. When you choose to stay home and raise your kids, you give up that opportunity to follow your career path. Perhaps you were working in a financial institution and you dreamed of climbing the career ladder and getting to become a bank executive. But it never came to be because you chose to get off the ramp and stay home to raise your children.

Depending on how you choose to manage it, this decision can make a life-changing impact on your personal life both for good or for bad. That is why I am writing this piece why every stay at home mom must have a home business. This is because a Home business will help ameliorate the feeling of not having a way to express your self professionally. It can also be the key to unlocking your creative side which may lead to a full-time business, something you will never have imagined you could do should you have been pursuing your original career. To help you get along

 Here are 5 reasons why a Stay at home mom must have a home business

You will get a creative outlet for your skills:

For some people, you may have started your stay at home mom journey mid-career, meaning that you have had the opportunity to work in a corporate establishment before and you had to stop because you started having babies and you found out you could not cope with having your kids in a daycare or maybe you are feeling your children need you now.

This means you already have skills which you have acquired and would like to use. A home business provides you with a creative outlet to make use of such skills while still staying home to raise your children.For instance, no matter what kind of skill you have now, you can write about it via blogging. This will create an avenue for you to share your experiences and help those who may be on the same skill level as you are or looking to have your skills set. To learn how to start a blog, read my post on how to start a blog when you are not techy.


You will earn money  as a stay at home mom and contribute financially to your household:

When you get used to living on two incomes, it’s usually a struggle to live on one even if that one income is enough to cater for all your needs. There is an emotional comfort that earning your own money in life gives to you. It can never be replaced with what you get from your spouse. While choosing to stay home for the kids may have been a joint decision from the both of you, it doesn’t still replace the fact that sometimes you feel like you are contributing nothing finance wise to your household. A home business can be a way to help you fulfill that need.

You are setting an example for your Girlchild

I wasn’t so concerned about posterity when I had my first child which was a boy because I felt, well he had his dad to look up to, I am not a man so I do not have any manly attributes to pass on to him.

This all changed when I had my daughter, suddenly I was flustered because I now realized I now had one of my type who will likely look up to me and try to imitate me. I began to think about who I was and what kind of mom I will like my daughter to see me as.

Believe me, this thoughts and feelings contributed to my starting this Blog. I wanted more than just running my training outfit or working in a firm, I wanted to be able to own multiple streams of income, own multiple businesses and above all still be available for my kids as they grow up.Don’t underestimate the power of emotions that having a kid bring to your life.

So if you are a stay at home mom now, who may be wondering where do I begin from, I am dissatisfied with my life the way it is, my finances are stretched, my energy is sapped and I do not know how to start, begin by thinking of what your kids will think of you when they grow up. For ideas on types of home business, you can start, read my post on 10 trending home business ideas for the year 2018.

Complete supplier solution for your Dropshipping business
Salehoo : Vetted suppliers for your dropshipping business

You will be less depressed and unhappy

Statistics from a Gallup poll conducted indicate that stay at home moms are more likely to express negative emotions such as worry, anger, depression, and anxiety as compared to moms who work.

Ever met any of your colleagues from high school or even college mates who are doing extremely well on their jobs, and you felt like life just left you behind because you chose to be a stay at home mom.  I know how it feels like, that’s why I wrote 6 things a stay at home mom struggles with. In that post, I chronicled the feelings of a stay at home mom.

I also provided solutions to those feelings, I will like you to take time to read it. Starting a home business can help you be less depressed and unhappy.  I am not saying this is the only reason you may be unhappy right now but no matter what it is you are going through having that time in which you run your own business can be therapeutic and help fulfill a need that may have been worse if you are not.

You are preparing for the empty nest syndrome

No matter how long it takes, raising kids will not be forever, there will come a time when your kids have all grown up and flown the coop as the saying goes. This is usually a scary time for women if you have devoted your full time to care for them.

I know some will say I can always go back to the workforce, the problem is that the workforce may not be that easy to get back to because of change in times and competition from younger people. I belong to a community of job seekers where they are continuously complaining about not getting the jobs they want because of age.

While it may not be expressly stated because it’s against the law, Its often a reason why we have a lot of old people who want a job but can’t get one. A home business will provide you the opportunity to keep doing what you love and keeps you going when everyone has left home. You might even find that you now have more time to devote to making it a big-time business if it has not grown into one. I believe you can say it’s your own job security for a lifetime.


Life Needs a Backup Plan:

Here is one reason that you cannot pass up even if you did the other reasons I have listed above. That is the fact that  Life happens, you may lose your Hubby, or he may lose his ability to earn perhaps via accident or lay off. You may also get divorced and find yourself without a job and kids to look after. That is why a Home business is never an alternative or a choice but an obligation you owe yourself and family to ensure you live a life that is worth it.

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Over to you, what other reasons do you as a stay at home mom have for starting a home business, drop your comments below.


5 surefire ways to drive Traffic + Free Facebook groups List


5 proven strategies for driving traffic to your site + free facebook group list
5 ways to drive Traffic to your Blog post

When I started writing my Blog posts, I thought that  I didn’t need to drive traffic to my post, I felt that all I had to do was write my post on my Blog and that was it, the people who love my post will naturally find it and I don’t need to do much anymore.

You can imagine how disappointed I felt when my post had no visits for the first few weeks. I was like are you sure my WordPress site is even on the internet? I went back to my backend and checked to be sure everything was alright, of course, it was.

That was when it dawned on me that you had to do more than just write a post, you have to drive traffic to your post if you ever hope to have it found by people.IIt’sfunny the idea you have about the internet when you are a newbie blogger.

I came into blogging with that mentality that everything you write is obtainable, all you had to do was write it and it will be on in everyone’s face. I mean that’s how I discovered all other blogs, I never knew there was much work you had to do to drive traffic to your post or even your site.

Quality traffic is the lifeblood of the internet world. It determines how much you earn and how you have perceived by businesses who want to connect with you.

If you are having very low page views now, I want to share with you 5 simple methods you can use to drive traffic to your posts. It is like the original building blocks of your blog and its traffic journey.


To drive Traffic to your Blog post and Site here is what you must do

Join Facebook Groups:

To be a New Blogger and not join any Facebook group is like shooting yourself in the feet or setting up your blog to fail. When I got to know about joining Facebook groups, I joined some few ones. But after a while, I got bored and decided I was not going to participate again. I soon realized that my Facebook group contributed all most 90% of my Traffic and still does. Not joining one means that your journey to growing your Pageviews will be very long. Your facebook groups will make that journey shorter as long as you participate in active ones. Not just those who are just there for the sake of having a group.

Do you want to get a List of very active and Profitable Facebook groups that will boost your traffic, Click here

Facebook Group List

Pinterest Group boards:

If you have been a blogger for a while now you must know by now that Pinterest is the Queen when it comes to how to drive traffic for Bloggers, in fact, I will refer to her as  a she because she is very good at getting you started, in your Blogging journey especially if you obey her rules.

Pinterest group boards help you gain traction in traffic because you get to pin with others where a lot of people are contributing to the same board, this means that your Pins get more exposure and stands a chance of going viral. The only issue with Pinterest group boards is that you have to apply to the owner to allow you to have access to such boards.

Some may accept you and send you an invite while for some, they may not be accepting new members. If you are wondering how to get good group boards, join a facebook group and look out for when people are opening up their boards for contribution. You can then email them for interest. A good resource for Pinterest group boards is Pingroupie. You will find a lot of group boards there, all you need to do is set time aside to apply to as many as you like.


Instagram Pods:

Instagram pods are a group of people who come together to create what you call a pod, the idea Is to get a group of people commenting and liking each other post hence increasing engagement and likes on your Instagram page and therefore driving traffic to the main post itself if your post was about your blog post. I made a mistake on starting my Instagram page late because I felt I didn’t need it, but when I started I soon realized that people were coming to my blog posts from my Instagram page. That helped my traffic. To learn how to start a Pod or Join one, go here


Google Plus:

We are all on the internet because we hope that people can search the internet and be drawn to our posts and hence comment on our pages, follow us or even buy through our affiliate links. But we must never forget that Google is the King of search engines, in fact people don’t use the word search anymore, they use google it.

This infers that you can’t afford not to have a Google plus page where you are consistently posting your blog posts and ensuring that you use your keywords. By putting an asterisk before and after your keywords you signal to google plus that, that is the word you want to rank for. Ensuring that you post consistently on Google plus will help you to drive traffic to your post because Google loves its own. You will get more referral traffic when you are consistently on Google plus.


You may be someone who does not like to be in front of the camera like me, but youtube is another search engine you can not afford to ignore. Think of the last time you wanted someone to show you how to do stuff and you went and checked it out on youtube.

Those 10 mins videos have been a lifesaver when it comes to learning how to do stuff yourself like when there is a glitch on your wordpress site and you want to learn how to fix it without calling an expert.

I cant tell you how many times it has been a lifesaver, a funny fact because I am not tech savvy when I started my Blog newly I will literally break out in a cold sweat whenever I had a glitch on my site because I was already thinking how much will it cost me to fix this.

But using videos I got for free from youtube has helped me run my blog efficiently doing and fixing things I never thought I would fix before. That’s why I know that you need to be there promoting your posts as much as you can.

Getting people to subscribe to your channel can help drive tons of traffic to your posts. The best part, you don’t need to talk or be in front of the camera if you are camera shy, you can start by using Lumen5 to turn your Blog posts into Videos.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel and see a sample of the video I made using lumen5.

Do you want more ideas on how to Boost your Blog Traffic, Click here

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