Wealthbag transformation Planner


Do you want to transform your finances? The Wealthbag Transformation Planner is a well taught out tool to help you

  • Transform your money mindset
  • Build wealth
  • Live in abundance.

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Money Mindset Transformation Planner

The Wealthbag Transformation Planner (WTP)

The wealthbag transformation planner will give you the tools and prompts you need to transform your money habits, build and multiply wealth in other to be financially free.

What is in it

Workbook Planner that helps you

  • Determine your money habit
  • Offers prompts to help you overcome your money mindset
  • Actionable plans for moving from your habit to abundance
  • Income source trackers
  • Mind switch mantra table
  • Income goals
  • Expense trackers
  • Money increase options
  • Quarterly progress table
  • IGSS formula for building wealth.


Wealth Bag Pictorial Planner

  • Income source
  • Abundance mindset building prompts
  • Prompts to help increase income
  • Money goals prompts
  • Money trackers
  • Encouragement

This product is a downloadable product that comes in a PDF format, nothing will be shipped.

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