Resource Library for Newbie Bloggers

Resource Library for Newbie Blogger

Resources for a New Blogger. 





When I started my Blogging journey, there were resources I wish I had to help make my life easier, that’s why I have created a compendium of resource to aid anyone that just started this Journey.

So you have started your Blog and it’s a little bit still confusing to you or you may be wishing to start a blog but don’t know how to go about it.

Here are resources to help you out.

How to start a Blog

I did a post on  HOW TO START A BLOG even if you are not a Techie. This post is basically a hand holding series plus a step by step instruction on how to start a Blog.

Wordpress Installation Guide

WordPress Installation Guide

The second resource which is embedded in the above post is your WordPress installation guide.  A $10 resource that will take away the headache of watching too many videos and confusing yourself before you even start a Blog.

It’s an easy watch and implement series. Click here to make your order.

I used this resource to start my Blog when I started out so I do know that my recommendation will work for you. It will make it easy for you to stop the wheel spinning and take action.



Well, you can’t do a WordPress Blog without a Plugin, that’s why you must read my 7 Must have Plugins for a Newbie Blogger. It’s a must-read for any Newbie Blogger that wants to easily run a blog and overcome some technical issues without much coding knowledge.

Affiliate Marketing

Oh if you are thinking of Monetizing your site, then you should start with affiliate marketing, if you are wondering which one will accept you, then you should not forget to grab my Checklist of Affiliate Network that will accept a Newbie Blogger.

Blog Traffic

You can’t talk about having any form of Blog or website without talking about traffic, if you are thinking of driving traffic to your page, then you must get this resource on how Lena Gott, drove her traffic from 17000 to 350,000 page views in 9 months. This resource has helped my page views since I started implementing her strategies.

Blogging Binder

If you are Blogging already you cannot afford not to plan, track and record your statistics. It’s very important because it shows you where you are at and where you need to devote your time in other to improve. Another important reason why you need to track your statistics is that you will need to show that you are growing, or how else are you going to write about how you made progress by Blogging.

If you want a tool to help you do that, then hop over to this link to get a Blogging Binder. A blogging Binder will make your blogging life a lot easier. You will be able to plan, set your goals and check your progress via this tool.


More Revenue Streams for your Blog Business

A little bit of inspiration on how you can start monetizing your site by adding another revenue stream to your blogging business. Read here why you should start this passive income business in addition to your blogging.

Newbie Printables course

Free Training

Finally, you can’t get through my resource library without getting my, Free Training on how to transition from stay at home mom to mompreneur.

Email List:

You can’t do blogging without growing your email list, how else do you want to keep in touch with your loyal followers. Here is an Email automation software that will totally change your email marketing strategy. If you have been struggling with different types of email software then try SENDPULSE you will absolutely love it.

Thank you for making use of this resource Library, if you enjoyed all of the resources you got here, spread the word and invite your friends to join me by subscribing to my email list 


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