Creating thehomebusiness of your dreams.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Uchealor, I started thehomebusinessowner Blog as a place to learn skills that will enable stay at home moms to launch out and start a business from home.

What you will Learn from My Blog

In this blog, I will be teaching several options that are available to you to start a home business, I will also be making available resources that will enable you to start and sustain a profitable online business from home. This is because I believe that any mom who chooses to stay at home to raise her kids should not have to forgo her career and the lifestyle she wants.

What thehomebusinessowner Blog will do for you

Thehomebusinessowner blog will enable you to create a new and exciting journey in your career, should you be in that place where your career is at a standstill. If you feel stuck at home because you have to raise children and you hunger for a business or job that will give you an opportunity to earn again then you are in the right place. We will learn ways to create new beginnings and begin living the life of your dreams.

Why I started this Blog

I started this blog to eoncourage women who want to work from home to do so via home business.

I started a training company 5 years ago which has enabled me to do what I love most which is training people. I have also been working as a HR professional where  I have gained skills which I will like to share on a wider forum via this blog.

Where to Start From

To start with, you can get my free ebook on how to transition from stay at home mom to a mompreneur. During my adventure on this exciting journey of teaching you, I have created posts that have resonated with what I set out to do, one of those posts is how to start a Printables Business with your little design skills if you have one and if you don’t then you can easily learn how to using canva.

The second post is How to start a Blog, its a step by step way to starting your WordPress Blog and beginning that journey of your lifetime. Finally, if you would like to take a look at different online businesses you can run from home as a stay at home mom, then perhaps you should consider this roundup post of 5 posts that teach you how to make money online

If you are like me and want to make a difference in your family and community and also support the lifestyle you choose, then you are on the right boat.


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