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For more than two years I have endeavored to teach stay at home moms who would like to start a home business how to go about it through my blog

In those years I have garnered useful experiences which I can pass on to you. My experience consists of more than 10 years of working in different organizations and also starting my own small business.

These experiences will come in form of product packages which I will outline below.

How to work with me. The home business owner blog consultation business page.

1-Brand collaboration

If you are a brand looking for collaborations to help women, especially stay at home moms start a business.

Or you have a product which aids women who have home businesses to do a better job of promoting their business.

Here are ways that you can work with me

✔Sponsored posts- I can write a post that features your products at a reasonable price.

✔Adverts- I can place banners of your products on my blog

✔Affiliate offers: I can offer your products to my email list audience as affiliate products.

2-Home Business start up consultation

If you are a person who wishes to start a home business or a home business owner that needs help with what you are doing.

Here is how you can work with me

✔Consultation for your small business: A business specific consultation that helps you solve the problems you are facing in your small business.

✔Small business idea brainstorm coaching

✔ECommerce shop set up/ Online shop set up

✔Blog set up

✔Set up of email collection software on blog or online shop

✔Creation of email credibility series for your online shop.

✔Design of lead magnet for your eCommerce shop /blog/business

✔Product title re-write or write up

✔SEO enriched sales page for your products and services

✔Digital marketing expertise- Email campaigns, social media pages set up, traffic attraction tactics.

✔Blog posts write up- specific to your niche.

✔Blog coaching

3-Small business digitization

For small business who need digitization consultation, here is what I can do for you

✔Creation of simple one page business site for your business

✔Create social media pages for your business

✔Set up of blog for your business

✔Content creation for your small business: Blog posts, Facebook and Instagram posts, graphics creation for your posts.

✔Provision of digital marketing expert knowledge to aid you in digitization of your small business.

N.B: Each line item can be provided separately as a single line product.

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