5 things I am Thankful for in 2017 + Free Thanksgiving Printables


Thanksgiving is a time of remembering to be thankful to God for all that he has done for us. Even though we are admonished to always be thankful in the Bible, I will like to say that I am grateful that there is a special day set aside to be really thankful for all that we have.

You see in this world where people tend to always be looking for the next great thing, we seem to forget where we were before and how God has changed our lives. As soon as we have what we once dreamed of we become dissatisfied again and we are looking for the next big thing.

I think America is the greatest nation on earth, I know there will people who will read this and be like what? my country is great too. That’s okay but the reason I said this is because they have a dedicated Holiday just to be thankful and  I think it’s a wonderful thing.

My first time of celebrating Thanksgiving in America was about 3 years ago when my son came back from school and handed me a handmade card which was his own thanksgiving gift to me, I was so overwhelmed with joy. I snapped it and kept it, take a look:

I said this to indicate that Thanksgiving brings memories of Joy, togetherness love, brotherhood, family and general good will. I know there will be a lot of eating going on, lol I also prepared for that in this post but I am thankful that we have the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving day.

Here are 5 things I am Thankful for in 2017

The Gift of Life:

First, all I am Thankful that I am alive today were it to be according to the devil’s plan I would have been dead a long time ago. God who kept me has fulfilled his promises to me. I am thankful that I am living a life that God has called me to.

Without life you can’t begin to talk about achievements so it is life itself that makes everything worth it, while my life may not be perfect in itself, I am slowly moving to where I have been destined to be. God has surrounded me with a life that has opportunities and I intend to make use of every of that opportunity as I live my life.

I love the Thanksgiving month of November a lot because some of my greatest love moments happened in November. I was born in November, my little daughter was born in November and you know what I got married in November so you can see why I call it my love month.

The Gift of Family:

I am thankful for the gift of Family, what could one do without Family, God sure knows what he did when he made Families, difficult as they can be sometimes, they are also our first port of call when we need help. They are our prayer partners, mummy helpers, kids babysitter. Everything but the ordinary like they say in Bonanza. I am also grateful for my Hubby and the kids who make my world worth it.

Thanksgiving Printables

A Healthy Body and Mind:

Its one thing to be alive, it’s another to be healthy. The only time I was in the hospital this year was when I had my little son. God has kept me healthy, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the doctor for any illness. My little ones were barely ill this year, just some stomach bug they got in early February and a little cough and that was it. I am thankful I wasn’t held up on admission in the hospital nor any of my Family held up in the Hospital for any reason. The Bible says with food and raiment lets us be content so I am really grateful for all that free gift of good health.

My Blog:

This year I bit the bullet and started a Blog, a decision I made when I decided that I wanted to earn from anywhere I am in the world, I dived into the world of online business this year.

I am grateful for the journey I have had in starting this blog and for the different skills I have learned while pioneering it, this Blog has given me a voice to champion what is dear to my heart.

That any mom who wants to stay home and raise their kids do not have to struggle with a 9-5 if they don’t want to, I can’t say I have made an income from this blog, hence you have never seen an income report Lol, but I am thankful that I am impacting people and helping them make decisions that will better their lives.

My Spiritual Life:

In this year I have seen the Hand of God in my life in various ways, God has taught me his word in various ways and helped me to work more closely with him. If you are a constant reader of my posts you will notice that I have Christian posts as part of my Blog, while some may say it doesn’t belong here, but for me, that’s what makes it all worth it. That I can take my small Blog and use it to preach the word of God and glorify his name that makes it the best thing that happened to me this year.

In my walk with God this year, I have learned and I have grown, I have also made some mistakes too but in all, I give God the glory, it’s his will that is being perfectly worked out in my life just like Rom 8: 28 says.

I end this piece with a scriptural inspiration on giving thanks:

Psalm 28: 7: The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

You can’t celebrate this Thanksgiving without some Free Printable so I made this just for you, it features a Menu card, Week Planner, Grocery List and A Thanksgiving Wall Art, get it Here

Finally here is a song to celebrate this Thanksgiving with, click here

Do you have anything you are thankful for in 2017? leave a comment below.

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