How to secure Divine Assistance for someone

Do you want to know how you can interceed for a loved one who needs divine assistance?. read this
How to Seek Divine Assistance for someone in trouble

Are you a person who is earnestly seeking divine assistance for your family member. There is a member of your Family who is in trouble and you really and earnestly want to see that problem go away. What are you to do as a Christian?

Sometimes we as human beings try to be nice to the one going through suffering or perhaps help out in the best way we can, but there is a limit to the help you can offer someone. For example, if someone is terminally ill, there is little you can do for that person, the only one who can help that person is the only one God who has the power to take away the infirmity and make that person whole.

If you are someone who is compassionate and want to seek divine assistance from God for  a person, here is what you need to do

Seek to understand what that person is going through:

This connotes compassion for the person who is going through issues, it may be illness or family problems or even financial issues. You must get to the place where you understand what that person is passing through, it’s only then can you develop the compassion to see that person get out of the trouble. For compassion helps you get into a position where you can feel what that person is passing through and you want to help alleviate or take it away.

Jesus always felt compassion for the people he healed(Matthew 8:3). What this means is that you cannot effectively pray for someone who you haven’t had a compassionate heart towards. Compassion flows out of Love and Love is the anchor head of the Prayer of faith. That’s why Jesus commands us to love one another.  Love is the greatest commandment of all.

Search for Scriptures that address that situation:

God said that his word is like a hammer that breaks rocks into pieces(Jeremiah 23:29).  Searching out the scripture that addresses that situation is getting the weapons that you will use in breaking the hold of the enemy on that issue.

Remember the ‘David and Goliath story’, David sought for 5 smooth stones. That was his weapon of warfare, so also when you are seeking for divine assistance for a family member, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the right scriptures that will enable you to pray effectively for that person.

I was once praying for a dear sister who was ill at that time. As I prayed, from somewhere inside of me, I just heard the scripture is this, not a brand plucked out of the fire, as soon as I began to pray that scripture over the lady, the anointing broke loose and she was made well. The Lord visited her and made her well.

I will tell you something I was surprised by that anointing and how God worked in her life that season. It helped me understand the importance of the right word for the problem. According to Proverbs, how fitting are right words, its like apples of Gold in silver settings

Pray with the Scriptures:

The bible says that Elijah was a man like us, he prayed earnestly and God heard him. Sometimes people might be in a position where they cannot pray for themselves or you are being called by God to intercede on their behalf. This means that the burden is being laid on you to intercede for that person so that God can move on his or her behalf, that was what happened to me in the story I described above.

It can also be that you are seeking for a divine assistance for that family member or even a person. Then you have to pray using the scriptures you have obtained above, for if you do not understand what the issue is you cannot pray specifically for that person.Specific prayers always get specific results.

You begin your prayer by thanking God for the opportunity to intercede for that person and you remind God of what his word says about intercession ( read Ezekiel 22:30).God is always seeking for someone who will stand in the gap for another so that he can move on that person’s behalf.

It’s at this point that you begin to mention the person involved and what the person is going through and asking him to intervene based on his word for that person.

Note that a prayer of intercession can be prayed once and victory gained or prayed continuously until you get the assurance of Victory in your Spirit.

I believe that God is calling us to be people who will help our family and friends by seeking God for his divine assistance on their behalf, I also know that we will be divinely blessed as we see out prayers being answered and victory being gained because we prayed.

The only caveat to this whole post is that you have to be saved and be a Born again Christian for it to work for you, you can not pray to a God you do not believe in.

Do you know the Lord Jesus as your Personal Lord and Saviour? if you do not, today is the day of salvation, say this simple prayer of Faith with me:

Dear Jesus, have mercy on me and forgive me my sins, I believe that you died for my sins and on the third day you rose again for my justification. I commit my life into your hands today, and I ask you to be my lord and personal savior. From today I choose to serve you all the days of my life.

If you prayed that prayer from your heart, then you are saved. Get into a bible believing church where you will be taught more of Gods word.

Do you have more points on how to seek divine assistance from the Lord? drop your comment below.



3 things to do in Difficult times


3 things to do in Difficult times
Trusting God in Difficult Times.

What are difficult times really? they are times when you are feeling like you can’t go on, it seems to you like the whole world is caving in and you don’t know what to do. The bills are piling up while your means of paying off are shrinking or maybe a loved one is going through a terminal illness which you know may eventually lead to death and you are at a loss on what to do.

For some, it could also be waiting for the fulfillment of a long-awaited promise or a relationship that has gone bad or maybe the loss of a job or perhaps your home.

Difficult times in life will come to us all, it’s not a matter of if but when, this is because Jesus said in John 16:33, in this world, you will have tribulations, its something that is bound to happen. Its how we handle it that determines whether we sink or swim.

We may not like it, I never saw a person who loved to suffer, but Jesus Christ has already told us, to be of good cheer for he has already overcome the world and all that is in it. We have an advocate with the Father who has already been through what we have been through and has obtained the victory not necessarily for himself but for us all. He calls us more than conquerors because we didn’t have to fight the fight, he already did that, we just need to begin to take advantage of what he has done for us.

If are you going through difficult times in your life, here are 3 things you should do.

1 Have a good Cry:

I know this may sound shocking to you, I mean how can a Christian be telling you to have a good cry, well Jesus wept at Lazarus’graveside even though he knew that he could raise him up. He still identified with the pain that his friends were going through. The bible says that we have an advocate who has been through what we are going through, he feels what we feel and he knows what we are going through.

I know that when you are going through stuff people tell you to be strong and do not cry, but sometimes crying helps you vent your emotions and gives you the opportunity to begin to heal. So if crying will help you release that pent-up emotion, then, by all means, do so, but do not stop at this stage, don’t just cry over your situation and do nothing about it, rather go to the next stage.

2  Seek the Face of God

I know what it can be like to be a busy mom or perhaps a busy parent, sometimes Life carries us so fast that we fail to cultivate that relationship with God.We don’t have time to pray and read the Bible as we should hence when difficult times hits us, we are at a loss on what to do because we may feel we are not in a place to begin to seek God.

But you know what? God is always there for us, he says in Jeremiah 29: 13, you will find me when you seek me with all your heart. So begin to seek the face of God through prayer and study of his word. You can start by praying first and telling the Lord all we are going through and then asking him to give us answers and show us a way out as we read the Bible.

I remember when I was believing God to conceive again after I had lost a child, my daughter was stillborn, she did not make it out alive due to complications during childbirth. I was in that place where I was in pain but did not know what to do, I lost the child and my own life was also at risk because I had lost so much blood. Every day I lived was a miracle because I did not know if I will make it to the next day.

While I was in the hospital, I was still in so much pain both physically and emotionally, but I kept seeking out Gods word and listening to what he will say to me just like Habakkuk said, I will stand upon my watch and see what he will say to me. One day  I had put on a tape that was playing healing scriptures and while listening to it, I heard the scripture in Acts 27:22-25, where Paul was telling the Captain of the Ship he was a prisoner in that they will not lose their lives even though they had lost their possessions.

I knew this scripture was for me because, I had just lost my baby which in this case symbolized possessions in the scripture above, that scripture spoke to my heart and I knew that I will not lose my life. This is one way God speaks to us, when we are in difficult situations, through his word, but you have to be willing to listen and search for his word until you find it.

3 Take  God’s word and act on it

After seeking Gods face and you get a word from the Lord, perhaps by his written word or the word of God which he spoke to your heart. (Note that God will not speak a word to you that is outside his word in the Bible), so if you think you heard from God, cross-check the bible to see if he has written it in the Bible. Its after you have ensured that you have this confirmation that you will take that word and act on it.

What do you mean by acting on word?. It means act like the word you heard is true. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy which he often shows you through your circumstance but rather believe what Gods word says concerning that situation and behave it.

In my own case when I got the word for my healing from that scripture, I began to thank God for my healing and recovery. I did recover and not only did I recover, during the time of my trial, God had given me his word that I will conceive again and the enemy will not be able to take this one.

I did conceive again and of course, the enemy tried again to take that one but he did not succeed. Today I am  favored mom to 3 children that God gave to me, his word which he spoke came to pass. In 5 years, God gave me all that I had desired as I believed and acted out his word.

Will I say it was easy to do, no it was not, but I held on to God and he did it for me, that’s why  I am using this medium to encourage anyone going through difficult times to hold on to his word, God is too faithful to fail.

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PS: This Month of October made it 6 years since my daughter who was still Born went to be with the Lord, but his Faithfulness still remains with me. I dedicate this post to her: Eleora Chimamanda Uchealor.