Valentines day business ideas

Top 7 Valentines day business Ideas

Valentine's day business Ideas- Top 7 money making ideas

Valentine’s day will always be special because we are humans who are God’s creatures of Love.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not die but have eternal life.

This is the greatest word ever spoken- John 3: 16 is a true expression of God’s Love to mankind and we are beneficiaries of that Love today.

With the word of God, I have come to realize that Love is a commitment you make to someone to be with them irrespective of what is happening.

It should be unconditional and intentional.

Love is the most powerful force in the whole world. Why should it not be? Because God is Love.

I have never written a post about Valentine’s day, this will be my first, and you can guess it will be targeted at how to make money this Valentine.

To help you make money this valentine, here are the top 7 Valentine’s day business ideas for you to take advantage of.

7 Ways to Make Money this Valentine’s day.

1. Sell Cards

Valentine’s day is not complete without the exchange of cards.

You can make beautiful customized cards to sell during this valentines day celebration.

People love personalized gifts because they speak of intentionality and care taken to procure such gifts.

Designing and selling handmade cards could be a great way to make this season.

The best thing about designing cards is that you can do it totally online without even touching the physical card.

I created a course The Newbie Printables Business course where I teach my students how to create printables products they can sell online.

Making cards is one of the printables products that I teach in that course.

I can show you how to design your cards and send them to be printed and sent to your customers without having to keep inventory or touching the physical card.

If you will like to learn more about how to make printables, click the picture below

Newbie printables business course

Start writing or type / to choose a block

Start writing or type / to choose a block

2. Sell Roses and Flowers

Valentine's day business Ideas-Sell roses

Roses and flowers are going to be a huge moneymaker this season. Valentine’s day is special because of the huge number of flowers that are exchanged during the season.

The most common flower given out is the rose flower.

There are different types of roses you could sell, it may be the white, pink or red roses.

Roses are special because they signify love.

A rose bouquet at this point costs between 10 dollars to 90 dollars depending on where one is buying from. Online sales will really take a jump as Valentine’s day approaches.

3. Gift Service Business( Packaging plus gifts)

Do you have a skill for selecting and packaging gifts in such a way that is appealing and nice?

This may be the season to personalize your gift service business for your customers.

You can combine gift services together with gift packaging in order to have a more robust business.

You may also run a subscription box company in other to cash in on the season.

One of the great ways to make gifts pop is to personalize the gift service to make the receiver feel special.

That is why I created this product- The Valentines day Gift Accessory set

With this package, you can add a lot of personalization to your gift service business.

The Valentines day gift accessory set contains

Gift tags


Personalized stationery



These were carefully packaged to help make gift-giving this season special. Click below to get yours

Valentines day gift accessory set- Valentine's day business ideas

4. Baked Goods

Valentine’s day is not complete without giving out baked goods such as cookies, cakes, ice creams, chocolates, etc.

If you have a skill with baking, you can make good money this season by creating special baked goods that you can offer as a package to individuals or corporate bodies.

Learn more about starting a baked goods business

5.Valentine Experience Creation

Valentine’s day is about creating memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

If you are creative you can package Valentine’s day experiences and offer to people to help them wow their loved ones.

Such an experience could be a combo of gifts, travel, surprise events, and even wedding proposal planning.

There is no limit to the way one can create an experience for their loved ones.

Put on your creative cap and go make some money off your ides this season.

Want to know more Valentine’s day business ideas? Here is the next one.

6.Valentines Parties event

Are you a party person? you can make money this season by creating Valentine’s day party event for special groups of people.

It could be for couples, singles or families, you can even do a combo.

Sell tickets to such events to help people relax during Valentine’s day celebrations.

7. Sell Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry gifts signify our commitments to our loved ones, people give a lot of personalized jewelry during this season.

If you can make customized pieces of jewelry, then you are sure to make money this season. Customized jewelry could be rings, necklaces, earrings, ankle chains, and pendants.

Valentine’s day business ideas post gives you quick opportunities to make money this season.

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