Money mindset for moms

How to take charge of your Finance as a mom.

Welcome to the first day of the stay at home mom challenge also known as Be The Best Mom Ever challenge.

Today I will be dealing with how to take charge of your finances as mom starting from your money.

Money is a tool that helps you achieve your goals, most dreams you ever have or have had is all at the mercy of money.

So what does money mean to a mom? what is your money mindset?

Your Money Mindset

These and more I will explore in this post.

Why am I writing about money on my blog? this is the first of the topics I want to treat in my stay at home mom challenge.

This is because when you decided to become a stay at home mom, you had to give up two things

Your ability to earn – Money

Your career- Tied to money and sense of responsibility

If you were among the lucky few who planned it and found a way to continue earning after you stop working.

Kudos to you because you do not need to worry about your money and your career.

But if you fell into a stay at home mom mode by chance, you are in a position where you are worried about these two things.

In todays post, I will start by dealing with what money means to you.

I will then go on to deal with your money mindset.

Finally, we will discuss how to solve it once and for all so you can be free to enjoy your choice to stay home and raise your kids.

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Are you ready?

Let’s go

Why You Need To Deal With It.

👍Your money mindset determines how much you will make from your business.

👍It determines what opportunities and risks you will be willing to take to pursue your dreams.

👍It impacts on your quality of life and how you see yourself.

What does money mean to you? This is the first question you would like to ask yourself.

Money for some means that you have the ability to afford your needs perhaps wants if you are more buoyant.

For some it means security, I don’t have to depend on welfare or other peoples charity to live.

For others, it is the abilty to pursue their dreams without constraints.

If you ask me what money means, it is for me a medium of exchange which enables me to pursue my dreams and make an impact.

I am a person who loves to give to the less priveidleged, it is my nature.

So when I lack money, it is not so much as to my own needs than that inability to impact other peoples life.

That is why I take my finances serious as a mom.

Because I know that it determines how much of my dream I can pursue, what I can do for my family and others too.

What is your Money mindset?

The reason we have to start from your money mindset is that it determines how you treat money.

If you Google about money, most people talk about how to save money, how to make money, how to invest money, etc.

Not many people talk about the money mindset because they do not understand that no matter how much financial intelligence you have.

If you do not have a good mindset about money, you will not be able to implement all that you are reading.

In the printable worksheet, I will make available in my email list, you will find out by doing a small test what money mindset you have.

3 Major Money Mindset


This money mindset presupposes that money is never available so they tend to hoard, thrift and frugalize their money.

This money mindset finds it difficult to give to other people.

It believes that every money given out is lost, since its so scarce.

They hardly ever enjoy the money they have because they are too busy saving, scrimping and hoarding to want to spend it on their self.

If you are frugal by nature, you may suffer from this mindset.

I know a lot of people who have this mindset, they are never rich, despite all the hoarding, scrimping, saving, etc.

This post is not to say that those who adopt a frugal means of living are not good but it actually stops you from reaching out for the best.

Your money mindset makes you risk averse and you are continuously counting your coins.

This money mindset has a predilection for poverty because their mind tells them that if you don’t hoard and scrimp you will become poor.

The Bible says that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7

Now let us get to the second money mindset.


This money mindset looks like the abundance money mindset which is where I am heading to but…….

They spend without reason, run up credit cards, hence they are constantly in debt.

They spend money they don’t have and are not willing to invest any.

Spends without budgeting, are not financially responsible.

The spender money mindset, as soon as money enters their hand is already thinking about bills and what to buy.

They do not seem to have a hold on what they want.

If you have a spender mentality or money mindset, you may give to other people and spend on your self.

The only problem is that you are not investing your money.

So if you suddenly fall ill or loose your Job, you are already broke.

Because you live from paycheck to paycheck.

The spender does not know to save or to invest.

It’s basically, make money spend it, make another one and spend it and the circle goes on.

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I know that while reading these things you may feel uncomfortable.

Who loves to be put on the spot.

You are not alone, every one of us has gone through these different mindsets.

The real issue is recognizing where you are as a stay at home mom right now and walking your way out.

That is why you are doing this challenge right?

To help you fix this money thing so you can stop it from interfering in your life as a home business owner.

Let us get to the 3rd money money mindset.


This money mindset believes in abundance, it’s not a spend drift, neither is it a thrifter.

They know that they have what it takes to attract money,multipy it and retain it.

The abundance money mindset believes that it has what it takes to produce money.

From skills, talents, work and business.

The abundance money mindset believes that it is a tool to be used for good not evil.

When you have this mindset, you make money to use it for impact not to splurge it on yourself alone.

This mindset seeks to multiply money not hoard it or spend it unecessarily.

Having gone through these money mindset characteristics, which is yours?

If you find yourself on 1 or 2, how do you break out of it?

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