Executive Resume Writing services

Executive Resume Writing Services

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I know how it feels, you have been sending CV after CV, but nothing seems to click.

It is almost like no one is reading your CV or resume, you are beginning to wonder if those jobs are real at all.

But you know people who have applied for the same job and pronto they have gotten it.

You have written your CV and cover letter but something seems off.

You can’t seem to find the right words to communicate your skills, talents, capabilities and achievements.

When you see the job description they fit what you want but you are not even getting an interview not to talk of a job.

I was once like you too, when I graduated from college, straight outta college like we say.

I hurriedly put together a CV and started sending out applications and like most things that you have no idea about, I got little results.

My CV was laughable and did not bring in the required results so I know what it feels like.

Being an HR professional that practiced for 10 years, I can tell why my CV never brought in the desired results, it was badly written.

You see, searching for job can be tough.

Waiting for that one reply that says congratulations you have made it to this point can seem like forever if the first impression they have of you is bad.

Your CV and Cover letter is the doorway to your skills and capabilities, if the doorway is bad, employers don’t want to go through it.

I know what it feels like to know that you have what it takes and yet no one will give you a chance.

Been there and it hurts like real bad.

That is why I decided that instead of feeling sorry for all who are still going through what I went through I can make it better.

I can use my Human resource knowledge and years of scanning through CV’s and interviewing people for jobs to make one more person eligible to get the job they desire.

That is why Executive Resume Writing Services was born.

It is a game changer when it comes to getting the job that you really deserve.

Why is this so? because we make your CV or Resume stand out so that you can attract the right kind of jobs.

Our well seasoned writers will take a proper look at your CV and get out the reasons why it is not working.

We will rework it until you get the best version that will enable you get the job you deserve.

What does my executive resume writing services offer

We have a bouquet of services that we can offer to you to make sure you have a coordinated outlook on your CV and also to ensure that your job search is seamless.

1.CV writing services

We will write a clean copy of CV/Resume for you if you have not written any before for the job you want to apply.

If you have a badly written one, we will re-write it and ensure that the best of your skills and capabilities are well communicated.

b. Cover letter writing

If you have a particular job in mind, we will write a cover letter for that job as an inclusive part of our executive CV writing services.

Our CV writing service is a package that contain both a cover letter and your CV.

We will also give you a generic template so you can adjust your Cover letter each time you need to adjust it at no extra charge.

2. LinkedIn page creation

We know that in this times, you cannot afford not have a LinkedIn page, so we will create a LinkedIn page for you.

If you have created one before but it is not professional, we will create a well optimized LinkedIn page that will enable you to attract the type of jobs that you deserve.

3.Personal one page website

So you want a personal one page website that will always be online for people to see what you have accomplished over time and follow your career.

We will create a one page website for your career and upload your documents and accolades so employers can find you easily and access any information they need about you.

4.Interview coaching or prepping

Perhaps you got a job but you are scared because you do not want to mess this one opportunity up.

Our interview prepping service will provide a one hour coaching session that will prepare you for your interview session and help you to ace that interview.

How will my executive resume writing services do it?

👉Create a clean copy of CV from scratch if you have none or rewrite your CV if you want a rewrite. Ensure that there is a flow in your career journey and if you have a gap year, we will create a CV that incorporates the skills you acquired in your gap years.

👉Create cover letters that excite employers and put you on a fast lane for employment.

👉Help you to prepare for your interview so that you are not jittery and unready for the questions they will be asking you for. Help you itemize the likely questions and prepare for it appropriately so you are confident

👉Create a LinkedIn page for your career that is well optimized to attract the right kind of employers and recruiters. How would you feel to be head hunted down instead of always looking for jobs? We can help you get there with your LinkedIn page.

👉Give you job hunting tips that will enable you to use the power of networking to get a job.

As a parting gift for every order you make, we will give you a job hunt planner that will enable you get your ideal job.

How do I sign up

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Packages Available

CV/Resume Writing Plus Cover Letter

Feature 1

0- 3 Years Experience

Career Beginner’s with little or no experience

Feature 2

3- 10 Years Experience

For Mid-career to experienced career professionals

Feature 3

Career Switch/Gap years

For people who want to switch careers or had gap years but want to get back to the workforce.

Other services- LinkedIn, One page website, Interview prepping

Feature 1

Interview Prepping

For those who have secured an interview and require coaching and prepping to enable them do well

Feature 2

LinkedIn Page Creation

For creation of new LinkedIn page or rewriting your LinkedIn page and optimization

Feature 3

One page website

You want a one page website to be built for your career.

Why should you trust me?

After about 10 years of my career profession where I rose from a site engineer to HR director, I have seen so many mistakes that makes a CV owner not get called in for in interview.

I have also interviewed countless job seekers and seen the wrong things people do and say that makes them not to get their desired job.

I bring this wealth of experience to bear when proferring my services to you.

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