Care Package Business Planner


A care package business planner is a resource rich planner that will help you start your care package or gift basket business.

It is designed to help you execute your business start-up in just 12 days. It contains execution pointers and timers that give you a to-do list from the first day to the last day of business set up.


Want to start a Care Package Business? Here is What You Need, A Care Package Business Planner.

You have been wanting to start a care package business or  a gift basket business

You have some ideas all tucked somewhere in your brain but you have no clue how it all ties in together

You know you have a gift for putting together wow gift packages from anniversary care packages to sick people care package to even a military spouse care package

You have all those ideas running around in your mind but you have never figured out how to tie it together to start a formidable care package business.

Let me help you out

I wrote a post some time ago on how to start a care package business, that post is doing so well on Google that a lot of people are barraging the post looking for more information.

If you type in the word Care package business you will find that post right on the first page of Google.

See below

Care package business Planner

I realized that a lot of people want more information, yes they love the post but they want more.

That was what led me to produce the care package business planner.

Because I do not want you to just read the post and go away without a real plan that will enable you to take your first step from just an Idea to full business.

What are the niches you are likely to serve in the care package business? They are

  • Occasion gift baskets
  • Holiday Gift Basket
  • Specialty gift basket care package
  • Pet lovers care package
  • Military care
  • College gift basket
  • Custom-built care package
  • Prison care package
  • Hospitalized person’s care package

What is in it?

The Care package business Planner is designed to help you move from the point of Idea to the final execution of selling your first care package.

👍Product guide: You will find a product guide that tells you step by step how to use each section of the planner. This product guide comes with a list of suppliers you can use to source for products in the US.

👍Sections: It is packed with sectional dividers with prompt delivery pointers that will help you to start taking action about your business idea.

👍Execution list:It has a 12-day execution to-do list, that prompts you to take action each day for your business until your business is finally set up.

👍Launch Template: You also have a shop launch template that gives you an idea of what to do before, during and after launch your new business.

The main sections of this planner include

  • Niche selection template
  • Business Plan template
  • Financial Plan
  • Pre-made excel sheets for financial forecast
  • Marketing plan
  • Product delivery plan
  • Checklist
  • Shop launch template
  • Gift tags for your first product sales

The care package business planner will not only help you start a care package business but also act as your tool for checking the financial health of your business.

Do you want to start a care package business today?

Grab the planner below

Carepackage Business Planner

What this planner will do for you

✔Identify your care package business niche and develop a detailed elevator pitch for your business

✔Create a business plan that encompasses your vision, mission and unique selling proposition for your business

✔Develop a clear marketing plan for your business and identify where your target market can be found

✔Create a financial plan for your business so you can forecast when your business will become profitable

✔Develop a 12-day execution plan that you will use to start your online care package business and set it up

✔Set up a successful shop launch exercise that will create awareness for your business and bring in sales from day 1 of your business.


Product Attributes

This product is a printable planner, nothing will be shipped, it can be printed with Letter size 8.5” by 11” 

Inside the package, you will find

  • 35 planner pages-PDF
  • Product guide-PDF with a product supplier list
  • Pre-made excel sheets
  • 2-page shop launch template- Google Docs
  • 3 different designs of gift tags for product package personalization-PDF
  • Note* You can print in greyscale if you do not like all the colors included in the product.

Paper Type for best results in printing quality.

Paper type- Either Bond paper or Matt paper will be perfect.

Paperweight- 130-250gsm.


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