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Do you want to create an email strategy plan that produces consistent results in your small business? no hit and miss with your email marketing, get the email marketing strategy plan pdf that will guide you to produce an email marketing strategy plan that really brings money into your business.

Use the sections outlined to create a lead magnet that attracts your ideal clients, build a plan that really works and remove the guesswork from your email marketing efforts.  Tap the button below to get this planner




Do you want to know why your email marketing sucks and you are making no headway? let me help you out

You have heard that cliche the money is your list, until your ears are burning, you are tired of collecting emails every day but you do not understand why you are not able to sell to them

When you started this journey, you were told that your email list is your greatest asset, so you went about collecting every email you could find but you still did not make any money from your email list.

Or perhaps you have tried everything you know to get your email list to grow, but it has all been wasted efforts. You are spending money on your email list but it is not growing.

You are doing everything you know to do but the subscribers are just staring at you like what? every time you write to them you hear crickets……….

Here is the issue, you are doing it all wrong- Yes your email marketing is not producing any results because you do not have an email marketing strategy plan.

You are using a hit and miss method, throwing every arrow or method that comes to you hoping it will stick, hee is the thing, your email marketing does not answer the question, what email marketing strategy are you using?

Who are you actually writing to and to what end is the email writing all about?

You see, I was once doing what you were doing too, that is why I know that without an email marketing strategy plan in place, you will not go anywhere near your goal of making money for your business.

You can collect all kinds of emails for as long as you like but it will not work because you did not start out with a strategy, hence you will just have a heavy email list that costs your hefty subscription costs but brings little no sales.

Do you want to begin to create an email marketing strategy plan that will bring in money for your small business?

I know your answer is yes, then here is what where to start from,

Get an Email Marketing Strategy Plan Pdf

Yes an email marketing strategy planner is where it all starts from because, in the online business world, there are 4 things that are important, you have to know the

What- What exactly am I selling

Who- Who am I selling to?

Where- Where will this end?

How- How do I sell this?

These 4 words define how successful your small business email marketing will be, you have to know what you are selling? you have to know where you are heading to( goal) and you need to know how to get there and you also need to know who you are selling to.

I created the email marketing strategy planner pdf because I know how much of a struggle building an email marketing strategy can be for small business people like you.

With all the hats you have to wear as a business owner, you are tempted to just forget about email marketing and focus on the more quick result marketing efforts like Facebook adverts and co.

But here is the thing, when people visit your store because they saw your Ad on Facebook, if they do not buy from you, you will never know who they are or what they really wanted.

But if you had their emails, you will always reach their inbox at any time that you want. Here is also another thing about relying on Facebook alone, they can ban you, disable your ads for no reason, if they want, but in your email list, you hold all the aces.

You can reach your customers at any time, you want, you can communicate with them and most of all you can sell to them at any time and it will not cost as much as Facebook ads will.

So If you have all these opportunities, why is your email marketing is not working? It is time for you to get a simple email marketing plan that will help you plan your email marketing campaigns with ease in 10 steps.

Yes, in 10 steps, you can plan and execute an email marketing campaign that will bring in the sales you want.

So what will this email marketing strategy planner do for you?

✔Your email marketing strategy plan pdf will help you to create an ideal customer profile for your business.

✔Help you to build a complete 30-days marketing plan

✔Create a lead magnet that is targeted at your ideal customer

✔Create a complete launch plan for your new product via your email marketing

✔Itemize and create a to-do list each day for your email marketing campaigns until you finish

✔Follow a proven walk back step method to create an email marketing strategy that will deliver your sales goals


What do I gain by getting the email marketing strategy planner pdf

❤Quit second-guessing your email marketing and start creating a strategic plan that produces results

❤Prevent waste of time in trying out other strategies as a proven sample plan is included

❤Drives you to focus on your goal and archive it

❤Reduce advertisement cost

❤Helps you to create a perfect product launch with the inserted product launch template


Features of the email marketing strategy planner

Email marketing Plan

👉Business details: Identify and write down your business details including mission, vision., and unique selling proposition

👉Business goals: Create your ideal marketing goals for your business, break down the goals from yearly to quarterly to monthly goals

👉Target Audience: Build an ideal bio persona for your business, identify your target audience and characteristics that help you know who you are really selling to

👉Lead magnet: Helps you to brainstorm and create a lead magnet with specific qualities of your target audience in mind

👉Email creation: In this section, you get to identify types of emails you should create and also set up an email creation plan with segmentation tips infused there too

👉Email creation strategy: This section enables you to build an email creation strategy using our proven walk-back method, you also get to see how to set up your email marketing funnel. Finally, you can use our sample 10 step email strategy campaign method to create a 30-days email plan for our small business

👉Execution Plan; In this section, you identify what you need to do to implement your email strategy so that it works out for your business. With a 30-days planning execution sheet, you can finally know what to do on your email list per day.

👉Tips section: In this section tips are infused for each section so you can know what to do in each section of the email marketing strategy plan pdf.- Removes the guesswork and confusion that some planners come with.

👉Outsourcing section; This section helps you to learn that you can obtain help and hire someone to help you with parts of your email marketing plan that you do not want to do.

👉Product launch template: This helps you to create a launch plan for your new product.

👉Content marketing guide; A checklist with content marketing tips to help your small business

What is in the Email Marketing Strategy Planner Kit

  • 72- pages of planning and execution sheets
  • 1- Product launch template
  • 1- Content marketing guide

All products are digital pdfs and nothing will be shipped.

The email marketing strategy plan pdf is a simple document designed with a proven systematic formula for planning and executing sales campaigns in your small business

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