Printable workbook- 4 point action plan to start shining.


The 4 point action plan printable workbook will help you to identify your skills, talents, and attributes and harness them into a workable plan that will enable you to begin to shine and make an impact in your world.

With this workbook, you will rediscover your innate qualities and crystallize them into a product offering that you will use to impact people’s lives.


Do you want to start making an impact in your world? do you want to shine?

Are you tired of watching others achieve their own goals while you wonder what your purpose is?

How do you discover what you are meant to do and start doing it?

When will it be your turn to start shining in this world?

You want to make an impact but you don’t know how?

You have a variety of skills and talents but you lack the ability to harness them into a solid gift that you can use to impact your world.

This printable workbook will help you do just that.

Printable workbook- Action plan on how to rediscover your talents.

It’s a small but powerful tool that will help you harness your best gifts and talents, put it together into a practical vision tool to enable you to begin to shine.

You see everyone will love to shine in their world, this is because there is an innate ability to impact the world with our gifts, talents, and skill.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to harness their skills, gifts, and talents in other to begin to shine or impact their world.

Your world is your sphere of influence where you make change happen so that others are glad that they came by you.

This workbook is to enable you to put down action points which I expect that you will implement in your life to see positive results.


At the end of this exercise, you will have done the following

  • Listed your goals- why you want to shine
  • What you need to do to shine
  • What you need to remove in other to start shining
  • What you need to polish in other to shine.

This printable workbook is action-packed and will help you move from the position of inaction and not knowing what to do.

To the point where you are able to identify your skills, talents, attributes, organize them into a working plan that will help you to make an impact in your world.

With the  4 point action plan on how to shine, you will lay the foundation for setting out to achieve your goals and vision in life

Our printable workbook helps you crystallize what you really want to do into one action plan printable worksheet.

Its a self-help planner for someone who seeks to gain clarity in life and move into the zone of putting action to what you have identified about yourself.

What this printable workbook contains

Goals- To help you identify what your end result will be- Why do you want to make an impact

Sorting- To help you sort through your skills, talents, and attributes in other to identify your best qualities

Cutting- To help you cut out the fluff that will not let you achieve your goals

Planning- To help you plan how to achieve your goals

Polishing- to help you identify what you need to do to polish your qualities in other to begin to shine and make an impact.

What this printable notebook will do for you


  • Provide you with prompts and guides on how to use it
  • Provide you with sample examples so you have an idea what to put down in each section
  • Use simple words to describe the situation being talked about so you understand how to go about it
  • Easy to use and understandable
  • We will provide support for you if you run into trouble or are confused about using it.
  • A sample page that shows what your end result should look like.

Have fun as you discover your talents, skills, innate qualities and lay down the foundation to begin to impact your world.

Go shine.

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