Stay at home mom workbook


The stay at home workbook is a well thought out workbook that enables a stay at home mom to quit struggling in their role, embrace their journey and make a meaningful success out of it.


How to beat your stay at home mom struggles

Are you a stay at home mom who feels overwhelmed with your role?

You have just become a new mom and you decided to take the bold step of staying home to take care of your new baby.

You made that decision thinking you will have a smooth sail but now it looks like you are in deep water.

The baby is crying, the laundry is undone, your home is a mess and you can’t seem to get why everyone thinks you have it easy.

You thought being a stay at home mom will be the coolest job ever until you just discovered that you feel unprepared to take on this job.

I mean where does the job description end? how much is my pay? and how do I cater to all the competing needs and still retain my sanity?

Here is my solution

Stay at home mom workbook

This workbook will guide you to start planning your role as a stay at home mom and quit leaving it to chance.

In this workbook, I outlined the 5 stages you will go through in other to move from running and scampering around to making cogent plans to help you move forward.

These stages include

Flip the mindset switch

Build the confidence

Encourage yourself

Deal with your fears

Make a plan


With this workbook, you will begin to put your life into shape and quit being confused and feeling sorry for yourself.

You will also get the prompts and examples of how to pull yourself out of the sorry state of worry and depression and move on to an exciting plan for your new role in life.

My workbook will help you to embrace your new life and be on your way to making great things out of it.

After purchasing this workbook you will get a free bonus gift of an audio podcast of my tips on how to conquer this struggle and be on your way to making good things happen in your life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A great workbook

The stay at home mom workbook is a great resource for any mom who wants to discover herself again and begin to define her new path to a successful home business woman.

Great way to figure out what to focus your time and energy on

This is a great way for you to figure out how to change your mindset now that you're a mama while also determining what you want to do and how you are going to get there.