Valentines day gift accessory set


Valentines day gift accessory set is packaged to help you personalize your Valentines day gifts. It includes Valentines day wallpaper, gift tags, specialized stationery, cards, and stickers. To help you make your loved one feel special.


Do You Want to Make Your Loved One Feel Special on Valentines


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Valentines day gift accessory set- Valentines day wallpaper,gift tags, stationery, cards,stickers

Love is the one thing that is common to us all, Valentine’s day is a day set aside for lovers around the world to celebrate love.

Love is the one force that has the capacity to overcome boundaries, defy all odds and make an impact where there was none before.

Love is the reason why we will go through the mountains and turn over stones in other to get to our loved ones.

I love the season of Love because it reminds me of the enduring power of love and the capacity of what it can do.

It reminds me of the love of Jesus which is a self-giving love that does not expect anything in return.

Today I share with you a valentines day gift set I made with my heart, to help you celebrate your loved ones

To make your special one feel loved, it is important that you accessorize your gifts to them.

That is what makes them special, you take the time to celebrate your love for them.

It is not an afterthought. It is a special consideration and thoughtfulness that goes into all that you do for them.

So when you buy that gift, don’t just wrap it carelessly, take a valentines day wallpaper personalized for that one alone and make it special

What this Product contains

  • Cards
  • Tags
  • Stickers
  • Valentines day wallpaper
  • Personalized stationery

Paper type for best results in printing quality.

  • Cards and Tags- 120#(14pt) Cardstock-
  • Stationery and wallpaper -Either Bond paper or Matt paper will be perfect, paperweight- 130-250gsm.
  • Stickers-Matte Sticker paper will do well- get this online at –

If you do not want to print this at home, you can email it toΒ  Officedepot self-service and have it printed for you.

You get to pick it up the same day. ( This works in the US)

If you are not in the US, you can use your local printing services.

To cut the stickers out use:

Scissors or Gyro-cut cutting tool from Amazon.Β 

Valentines day Wallpaper, Cards, Stickers, Stationery. Gift tags

Product attributes

  • This product is a printable PDF document, nothing will be shipped.
  • The product is printed with the paper types indicated above

Inside the downloaded file, you will find

  • 2 pages of different sticker types
  • 3 pages of specialized stationery- 3different designs
  • 4 pages of card designs-4 different designs
  • 3pages of tags- 3 different designs
  • 2pages of Valentines day wallpaper design

Once you make a payment, you will gain access to the product which is in PDF format.

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  4. Make payment
  5. Click on Place order
  6. You will get a confirmation page after the payment is made

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