Work From Home Survival Planner


Want to get a work-at-home planner that will simplify your life and make working from a home a breeze, get the planner that has 4 sections of your life, Home, School, and Work. All these sections all work together to help you have a work from home schedule that will make you enjoy working from home.


4 step plan to beat work from home struggles and trigger  unbounded working from home productivity

You have been struggling with working from home for a while now, the odds stacked against you seems to be daunting.

You have loads of work to do but between the home and the work that needs to be done, you have a complete mess in your hands.

Your work from home productivity has taken a dip and you fear your employer may show you the way out the door with the way you have been performing.

Who knew that working from home could be so difficult? You always imagined it will be a breeze.

Yet here you are trying to juggle it all, a zoom call with your company, your kid’s homeschooling needs, and worst of all a home that looks like ground zero just happened there.

It is so complicated that you are losing your mind. If things continue this way you may lose your job

You are tired of sending email apologies and you feel that your employer may be losing confidence in your ability to cope.

Or perhaps you are currently out of work and you have been looking for work at home jobs for moms.

You have been applying to every company you know and nothing seems to be happening.

You even tried to start a business but you lack the know-how to even put together a simple business plan to start with.

You are currently at your wit’s end and you want to throw in the towel

Before you give up yourself, let me tell you a story

I was like you when I decided I wanted to work from home.

I was coming from working as an HR professional in my office job and I thought that I could just transition into running my own business from home without much stress.

After all, I was HR, I knew how to dimension work resources, I knew productivity tips

I knew how to do time blocking, scheduling and you name it right?


I was so wrong that it took me almost 6 months to figure out how to work from home seamlessly.

My productivity tips, templates, and schedules flew out the window when I hit ground zero of working from home.

There is no template for calming a crying child tugging at your coattails for snacks or toys.

I was clueless at the beginning, I thought I would just seat at my table and type away but I was so wrong.

I would wake up in the morning thinking that I will accomplish a task for my business.

But no, my baby is crying for attention, I need to make their meals, clean the home, take the older ones to school, and worse still clean mess after mess.

By the time I am thinking about getting to my work from home business I am exhausted.

I push the job to the next day and the circle still repeats itself.

I was either completely ignoring my job or I was ignoring my home. It did not make sense to me.

How did I get here? Where am I missing it?

Where was the touted freedom of working for yourself?

I seem to be beating my head against the wall without having any results to show for it.

I could not even plan for the business because I was too busy firefighting the whole day.

My working from home productivity was nowhere, I was not making much progress.

I needed time to put into the business but I could not find the time because of the mess that was generated from constant distractions from the kids, home, and everything else.

Then one day I decided to make a plan, which was where my epiphany started.

I made a plan and decided I was going to stick to my plan no matter what happened that day.

I managed to stick to my plan and could achieve some measure of success and my work from home productivity improved.

From that plan, I created a system that includes work from home schedule.

It was that system that started guiding how I approached my business from home.

That was when I started making meaningful progress in my business.

My productivity took a huge jump. I went from having an out of balance work from home life to a thriving one.

Part of my business included freelancing so I often have to apply for jobs in other to have projects that contributed to my income

With this system, I created a job hunt strategy that enables me to land clients that pay well.

My former Human resource skill came into play as I deployed it to remain productive, deliver to my clients and still run my blog.

I have taken the time to go through the steps I deployed in having a seamless work from home strategy that enabled me to thrive in my business. This I used to create a system which I will share with you

The Work at home Survival Planner

Work from home survival planner- Working from home productivity planner


Features of The Work at Home Survival Planner

The  system involves a 4 step plan

Work Plan

Helps you to put together a plan of action for working from home, if you do not have a work-at-home job yet, you get a job hunt and interview strategy plan to help you land a job.

It also includes a plan for starting a home business from just your idea to a finished mini business plan.

Do you already have a home business? This section will help you to run your home business seamlessly to achieve your business goals

Homeschooling Plan

This part deals with how to create a homeschooling schedule for your kids which includes lesson plans, homeschool resources, school setup checklists, and teacher-parent feedback loops.

Home Management Plan

This section helps you to create a management plan for cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Provides a weekly meal planning list for your home.

Snapshot plan

This section helps you to pull all the different parts of your work from home together to create a big picture plan that helps you to run it easily.

Content – Work from Home Survival Planner

Work plan

  • Work from home station checklist
  • Job prioritization plan
  • Job completion sheet
  • Career assessment plan
  • Home business start-up plan
  • Home business set-up plan
  • Business growth tracker
  • Business goals tracker

Homeschooling plan

  • Home-school set up checklist
  • Lesson plan worksheet
  • School activity schedule
  • Assignment worksheet
  • Assessment worksheet

Home Management Plan

  • Meal planning checklist
  • Cooking plan
  • Recipe template
  • Food Allergy template
  • Water drinking log
  • House cleaning plan
  • Laundry plan

Snapshot Plan

  • Work from home priority sheet
  • Time blocking plan
  • Sample time blocking plan
  • Daily to-do list


  • 200+ work from home job opportunities
  • Productivity tips
  • Notes

Bonuses attached to this Planner

  • Free ebook- From stay at home mom to mompreneur
  • Mini ebook- 5 quick tips for increasing your work from home productivity
  • Business Launch Template.
  • 101 business ideas for moms

Work from home survival Planner


My need to share it with you is to help you to understand that you can trigger unbounded working from home productivity if you follow my system.

It took me several months of fine-tuning my strategy to arrive at this system that I am sure will work for anyone who uses it.

What will the Work from home survival planner do for me?

👍Enables you to create a plan for working from home that takes into consideration all aspects of your home that affects your working from home productivity.

👍It helps you to design a strategy for job hunting and interviewing that produces results.

👍It provides a big picture plan that pulls all aspects of your work from home life. The job, the home, the kids and gives you a tool for a seamless transition between the different parts.

👍If you desire to start a home business, it gives you a template for hashing out your small business plan within an hour. This cuts down the time to implement your business plan

👍Provide you with a homeschooling strategy that works with your job. Whether you are homeschooling your kids in times of emergency- COVID-19 crisis or a normal homeschool schedule.

👍Delivers a snapshot plan for pulling all aspects of your life in a way that satisfies you.


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  • You will also have access to the extra bonuses attached.
  • Note* You can print in greyscale if you do not like all the colors included in the product.

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